The quality of LED power is the quality of street lamps.

The LED industry's growth against the market in 2009 showed a strong momentum of development. In the large-scale promotion of LED applications, the high reliability of LED drive power has become the core part of the industry chain. The US Energy Star 5.0 and UL8750 LED lighting safety standards have also imposed strict requirements on LED driver power supplies. Various street lamp manufacturers have complained that the current 90% factor affecting the quality of LED street lamps is the quality of LED driver power supplies.

LED street lights are mainly used in outdoor environments. They have to withstand the harsh environment of wind, rain and thunder and lightning. For a long time, the outside temperature may be as high as 40 °C~50 °C in the south, while in the cold north of China, the outside temperature is part of the time. It may be as low as -20 ° C ~ -30 ° C. Therefore, the design and manufacturing process of LED street lamp power supply should pay more attention to quality problems.

After more than a year of research on LED street lamp manufacturers in China, the Shenzhen Maoshuo power supply, which is currently in the leading position of LED street lamp power supply, has completely solved the troubles caused by unreliable power supply quality of various application manufacturers. In 2009, Moso Power has accounted for more than 65% of the high-power streetlight power supply market. All major manufacturers highly praise the high reliability of Maoshuo Power Supply. In just a few years, they will stand out with excellent product quality and win the leading position of LED street light power. Curiosity drives us to the national brand of Maoshuo Technology. The company conducted a visit to reveal the secret.

First of all, Moso Technology has a number of military patented technologies, a world-leading design, a strong R & D team, and careful evaluation has laid a solid foundation for the excellent quality of Moso Power.

Secondly, in view of the high reliability requirements unique to LED characteristics and high-power LED street lamps, Moso Power has reserved sufficient component design margins for the design and selection of components. The general component margin is 50%-60%. The key components are relatively more abundant.

Third, the choice of high-quality components, such as: electrolytic capacitors, IC, power semiconductors, magnetic components, etc., Maoshuo strictly order the world brand products according to design requirements, production, materials, materials, channels at all levels.

The most important thing is to strictly carry out various quality verification and testing procedures and actively invest. At the beginning of 2009, Maoshuo invested 15 million yuan to establish an engineering technology center in cooperation with Peking University, a famous Chinese institution of higher learning. All newly developed design products must undergo strict stress analysis, EVT, SVT, DVT and other MTBF calculations and experimental verification. The on-line trial production will be allowed, and the production process will adopt strict quality control methods such as manufacturing process and barcode management.

In the design, the power supply starting temperature is regulated at -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C, the unique PFC circuit and internal shielding structure of the Moso drive power supply, fully solve and ensure that the power supply can start normally in any harsh environment; Through more than half a year of continuous research on the potting process, the ratio of potting and sealing with the best sealing and the best heat dissipation is adjusted, so that the product “drip does not enter”; the driving power supply anti-radar is above 6KV. Finally, the product design life of 50000H is met, which provides a strong guarantee for the life of the entire LED lamp.

Maoshuo LED driver power can meet the requirements of the US Energy Star 5.0 version. At the same time, Maoshuo LED driver power has obtained the UL8750 related directive certification, and is at the forefront of the LED driver power industry. However, the general power supply manufacturers have not been able to reach this level for a while, which highlights the technical and quality competitive advantages of Maoshuo LED power supply in the market, enabling the Maoshuo LED drive power business to be mass-produced, thereby realizing large quantities of materials. Purchasing can also reduce material costs and product costs.

Standardization and industrialization will enable the LED industry chain to be mass-produced to minimize the cost of the entire LED luminaire, so that it can achieve greater advantages in comparison with the cost of traditional lamps. To this end, the Shenzhen LED Industry Federation is stepping up the development of LED-related standards to regulate the LED industry, so that the LED industry is benign and rapid development.

Energy-saving and emission-reduction products will become the mainstream of future electronic products

For the future trend of LED drive power, environmental protection, high efficiency, is the future development trend of electronic products, energy-saving, emission reduction products will become the mainstream of future electronic products. Although the Copenhagen Conference in 2009 did not achieve good results on the issue of climate warming in the world because of the inconsistency of national interests, at least we can see that countries around the world have paid considerable attention to environmental and resource protection issues. China is a big country and a big energy-consuming country. From the perspective of relevant national policies in recent years, energy conservation and emission reduction have been put on the agenda. Under the care and promotion of the government, the LED industry will have a radical change in the past five years.

From the test data feedback from street lamp manufacturers, the LED lamp should be used for LED driver power supply control and secondary energy-saving requirements. The design efficiency (EFF) of Maoshuo LED driver power supply system is between 90% and 95%, which is relatively traditional. The efficiency of the LED power system (EFF) is increased by more than 10% in about 80%; the PFC value can be between 0.95 and 1.0. These two indicators are derived from the patented technology of military power supply unique to Moso Power.

Moreover, LED driver power supply will develop towards centralized intelligent control and digital control in the future. It is understood that Maoshuo has already been committed to the design and development of this part of the function of LED driver power supply. Many technologies have applied for patents to relevant national institutions, such as power carrier. Level dimming LED multi-channel constant current system and controller, remote stepless dimming LED multi-channel constant current system and constant current source, based on active infrared intelligent control power supply and system, based on passive infrared intelligent control power supply and System and other patented technologies.

Moso Power will further develop a more user-friendly and highly reliable LED driver power supply from the design technology as a breakthrough. Intelligent and digital will be the main products of Maoshuo in 2010, so that LED lamps can truly achieve secondary energy saving, and it is easy to monitor and install street lamps, reduce the high maintenance cost in the later period, and return the society and respect the natural environment for the development of LED street lamp industry. Dedication. As of the date of publication, the industry has also received the good news that Maoshuo Power has won the title of “Shenzhen Famous Brand”. It seems that the national brand of LED street light power is rising...

Unlike other typical load cells they take their [S type" name from their shape, as you can see from the structure, although occasionally some people do prefer the term [Z type"

The capacities of the S type load cells we can offer vary from 25kg up to around 30 tonnes primarily using metal foil strain gauge technology. They are a successful choice for applications as they provide accuracy and have compact design features. Installation using rod ends or load buttons mean that S type load cells give excellent performance in both tension and compression applications.


Popular Applications for S Type Load Cells

S type load cells are primarily used for mechanical-to-electronic scale conversions but are also used for many other different applications; here are some of the more popular applications for S type load cells that we have come into contact with.

Hanging scales

Hopper scales

Dynamometer testing machines

Crane scales

Tank weighing

Mechanical overload protection

Structural performance testing

Material strain testing

Industrial control/ feedback

Industrial food processing


Advantages of S Type Load Cells.

S type load cells are very versatile and because of this they have many advantages;

High endurance

High capacity and low capacity options

Suited for both tension and compression applications

Compact designs; suitable for tight environments

Also available in imperial capacities and dimensions

Option of ATEX approval

Available in both alloy and stainless steel options

S Type Load Cells from Variohm

S Type Load Cell

S Type Load Cell,S Type Load Cell 10Kg,S Type Tension Load Cell,S Type Compression Load Cell

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