TILS 2011: Xiangying Electronics Co., Ltd. high color rendering lamp

In recent years, Xiangying Electronics has been committed to the development of high color rendering LED light sources and has been successfully applied to table lamps and lamps. Compared with the high color rendering products (R1-R8) on the market, this series of R15 high-quality high-color rendering table lamps, the color is closer to natural light, more eye protection, energy saving effect. A series of related products will be unveiled at the "2011 Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition". For more products, please refer to the company website

☆Product characteristics
1. Excellent color rendering: color is not distorted, true primary color (color rendering CRI >90%)
2. Do not hurt your eyes and avoid aging of your eyes and skin.
3. Eye protection, no flashing
4. Super power saving: 5 times more power saving than traditional table lamps, and the service life is more than 20,000 hours.

☆Product Specifications

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How is it installed? Lugs connect directly to the battery terminals.Easy Installation of 12V300Ah Battery Smart Pulse Protector

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Start-up Battery Protector

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