14AWG Heat Shrink Insulate Silicone Battery Charger Wire for RC Model

Model NO.: Silicone wire
Material Shape: Round Wire
Range of Application: Cold-Resistant
Certification: CE, UL, RoHS
Brand: Xiongxin
Color: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, White
Trademark: Xiongxin
Transport Package: Carton
Specification: 0.06mm 0.08mm Tinned Copper
Origin: China
HS Code: 8544492900
Special Exclusive Silicone Cable Customize !
Both Fire Resistant & 10^8 Anti-Static !

Customize Double Jacket Single Core Silicone Cable !

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1/0AWG ~ 30AWG Soft Silicone Wire with 0.08mm Tinned Copper Conductor in stock !

Soft Silicone Wire with 0.06mm 0.08mm Conductor
Conductor: 0.06mm or 0.08mm Tinned Copper
Jacket: Silicone Rubber
Color: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, White
MOQ: 1 Roll / Color
0.08mm Copper Conductor Silicone Rubber Cable in Stock
Cable Size Copper Conductor Overall Diameter Package MOQ Unit Price
1/0AWG 10000*0.08mm 13.50mm 50M/Roll 50M/Color 15.0USD/M
2AWG 6700*0.08mm 12.50mm 50M/Roll 50M/Color 10.0USD/M
4AWG 5000*0.08mm 10.50mm 100M/Roll 100M/Color 5.50USD/M
6AWG 3200*0.08mm 8.30mm 100M/Roll 100M/Color 2.88USD/M
7AWG 2400*0.08mm 7.20mm 100M/Roll 100M/Color 2.40USD/M
8AWG 1650*0.08mm 6.30mm 100M/Roll 100M/Color 1.33USD/M
10AWG 1050*0.08mm 5.50mm 100M/Roll 100M/Color 0.83USD/M
12AWG 680*0.08mm 4.50mm 100M/Roll 100M/Color 0.55USD/M
13AWG 500*0.08mm 4.00mm 100M/Roll 100M/Color 0.44USD/M
14AWG 400*0.08mm 3.50mm 200M/Roll 200M/Color 0.33USD/M
16AWG 252*0.08mm 3.00mm 200M/Roll 200M/Color 0.25USD/M
18AWG 150*0.08mm 2.30mm 200M/Roll 200M/Color 0.132USD/M
20AWG 100*0.08mm 1.80mm 200M/Roll 200M/Color 0.092USD/M
22AWG 60*0.08mm 1.70mm 200M/Roll 200M/Color 0.065USD/M
24AWG 40*0.08mm 1.60mm 200M/Roll 200M/Color 0.055USD/M
26AWG 30*0.08mm 1.50mm 200M/Roll 200M/Color 0.044USD/M
28AWG 19*0.08mm 1.08mm 1000M/Spool 1000M/Color 0.034USD/M
30AWG 11*0.08mm 0.80mm 2000M/Spool 2000M/Color 0.034USD/M
0.06mm Copper Conductor Silicone Rubber Cable Customize
Cable Size Copper Conductor Overall Diameter Package MOQ Unit Price
8AWG 2960*0.06mm 6.0mm 100M/Roll 2000M/Color 2.20USD/M
10AWG 1940*0.06mm 5.0mm 100M/Roll 2000M/Color 1.60USD/M
12AWG 1062*0.06mm 4.0mm 100M/Roll 2000M/Color 1.00USD/M
14AWG 707*0.06mm 3.5mm 200M/Roll 2000M/Color 0.63USD/M
16AWG 483*0.06mm 3.0mm 200M/Roll 3000M/Color 0.39USD/M
18AWG 294*0.06mm 2.7mm 200M/Roll 3000M/Color 0.26USD/M
20AWG 195*0.06mm 2.5mm 200M/Roll 3000M/Color 0.17USD/M
22AWG 120*0.06mm 2.3mm 200M/Roll 3000M/Color 0.13USD/M

Certifications: UL (E358766) + CE + RoHS + REACH

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14AWG Heat Shrink Insulate Silicone Battery Charger Wire for RC Model

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