Apple wants to acquire ultra-run maker McLaren for US$1.5 billion

Today, according to the British “Financial Times”, Apple is negotiating with the super-run manufacturer McLaren on acquisitions, and the valuation of the acquisition is about US$1.5 billion.

The McLaren Technology Group in the United Kingdom has a team of supercar engineers and Formula One teams. Apple intends to acquire McLaren. This news can further prove that Apple is trying to change the existing pattern of the auto industry. It is reported that the negotiations have been going on for several months. According to industry analysts, McLaren owns a number of first-rate technologies, including automotive engineering, automotive computer systems, and chassis materials.

The current market value of McLaren is declining year by year, which is a good time to sell. Last year, McLaren Automotive produced 1,654 vehicles and received a revenue of 450 million pounds. McLaren had announced that it would invest 1 billion pounds for R&D in the next six years and enter the Apple system if the original brand can still Maintaining independent operations, backed by Apple will undoubtedly accelerate its R&D process.

McLaren had previously announced that they will build electric versions of the P1 and P1 GTRs. Although there have been rumors of Apple's making electric cars, but from Apple's series of actions, Apple is likely to only develop automotive software systems, and does not participate in vehicle manufacturing. If Apple’s acquisition of McLaren’s news is true, then the intention of this acquisition will make people’s understanding of Apple’s automotive projects more confusing, or the old problem, whether Apple is building a car or just software?

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