Light film mage - home glass film evaluation

Now is the nonsense:

Before writing an original about air conditioning.

In this story, I mentioned one thing. That is, starting from last spring, the Dalian municipal government has carried out a hot house project and installed insulation layers for residential buildings free of charge. Our family was the first group to benefit.

Really speaking, this insulation layer works really well and the room temperature is raised by 4~5°C.

Then at the end of last year, the temperature in our home also broke the historical record: 34°C, and the outdoor time was only 31°C.

For this reason, the summer that could have been solved by a fan could not be passed without using air conditioners.

Since the installation of air conditioners, the problem of excessive room temperature has indeed been solved, and the power consumption of this Hisense air conditioner is indeed very low.

Compared to the same period in last July and August of last year, during the entire 24 hours of my three-volt hours, air conditioning was on all nights. In 2 months, it only cost 32 kWh more than using fans last year. On average, only half of the electricity was used every day. Electricity.

I am very satisfied with this. Until last week.

Now is the dream remodeling home:

Shanghai Satellite TV has a very famous large-scale home improvement program, called "Dream Reformer," which has been broadcast to the third quarter this year.

The episode aired on issue 2016-9-13 is called "Aisle-like Home."

The content is to reconstruct a hallway room in the city's Second Ring Road within the city's light gate: sandwiched between the building and the wall, it is really a hallway. Only the two ends can see the light, and the inside is dark.

The architect is the Japanese friend Aoyama Zhouping who came to the second quarter.

The young man from Castle Peak said good and very warm and considerate, but he had a quirk and he always asked to remodel the object for one day and feel it for himself.

The solution of the Qingshan handsome guy to the lighting of the aisle room is to install a whole skylight along the wall so as to ensure sufficient lighting in the room.

As a result, the problem of daylighting was solved, but things reversed. The direct sunlight was very strong, and the house warmed up sharply. As a result, the workers could only work shirtless.

like this. The homeowner should not be satisfied with this steamer room.

The young man of Castle Peak immediately sought to install an electric sunshade to solve this problem, but every manufacturer contacted told him that this situation could not install the electric sunshade.

As a result, Castle Peak changed its plan and chose to paste the insulation film on the skylight glass.

Glass insulation film insulation test: behind the glass is a lamp, ordinary glass front 65.4 °C, front only 26.9 °C glass film.

So the problem is solved.

Now is the link to find the glass insulation film:

When I saw this, I suddenly had a good idea: Yes, the problem of indoor heat does not have to be solved with air conditioning.

In the final analysis, the reason why the house is hot is because the outdoor heat enters the room, and then the insulation effect of the house is too good to spread out, leading to heat accumulation, and the main source of heat is actually from the sun.

In fact, our home can reach 31°C during the day when it is sunny in the winter, and it is about 24°C when it is cloudy.

If you use glass insulation film, it should be able to effectively reduce the indoor temperature.

The realization of the film in many cars is a film, I just never thought that the glass in the home can actually be posted.

And this thing is called glass heat insulation film instead of glass cooling film, indicating that in addition to the summer heat from the sun to reduce the indoor temperature, in the winter can also block indoor heat loss, maintain indoor temperature, winter and summer ah.

Where can I find glass insulation film? Of course, rely on Ma Yun father.

After searching, such products are of mixed quality and prices are very different. The most expensive ones are more than two, the most expensive ones are hundreds, and the units are square meters.

The principle of the glass heat insulation film is not complicated. In fact, there is a metal coating or coating that reflects part of the sun's ultraviolet and infrared rays as well as visible light.

What is said is more straightforward. In fact, this is a translucent mirror, similar to the thermal insulation effect of thermos.

Therefore, the quality of the insulation film is nothing more than reflected in three aspects: the reflection of infrared rays, the transmittance of visible light, and the quality and durability of the film itself.

Films that are cheap or relatively poor, or they are poorly reflective, do not reflect most of the infrared rays; they are either very thick and have a good effect of reflection and heat insulation, but poor light transmittance leads to a dark depression in the house; It is not good, the membrane body quickly ages and curls and even discolors.

A good glass thermal insulation film should have a good effect of reflecting infrared ray ultraviolet rays, and have excellent heat insulation effect. At the same time, it can minimize the obstruction to visible light, make visible light more into the room, and at the same time be of high quality and can be used without replacement for a long time. .

After all, it was the house of my own family. I didn't choose the bargains for a few dollars. Instead, I chose a better insulation film with a price of 45 yuan per square meter.

It is now an open box:

Received a golden bar. The sticker attached to the outside is attached.

This is the legendary foil tool, in fact, is a plastic scraper and a utility knife.

The two sections of the golden bar have a lid.

A bit like canned food, this thing looks quite useful, it has been deformed by violent courier, if not the lid, may even smash the film inside.

Opening the lid, there is still a bit of trouble, it looks really deformed.  

After removing the glass heat insulation film, I purchased a color called gem silver. The heat insulation and reflection performance of this product is the strongest in the same brand product. It is said that the window glass that is attached to the film outdoors is a side Mirror, completely invisible to the interior. Indoors, you can see outside without obstacles.

Um, it looks like the film is indeed silver.

It is now a part of the film:

The size of the film has been notified to the seller at the time of purchase. The size of the received item is slightly inaccurate, but the effect is not significant. Basically, they are slightly larger, and you can use the utility knife to cut off the excess.

PS: It's a lot of trouble to use a larger size for direct cutting. It's very difficult to grasp the size with scissors or a knife. It's easier to paste and then cut it, and it's all right along the edge of the glass.

The method of applying the film is based on the type of film and is generally divided into two types, ie, with and without glue.

First wipe the glass clean.

Then, without glue, it's usually a matter of sticking water to the glass. The glue is actually similar, but it's more solid and it can be used for longer. If you add a little detergent to the water, the effect will be better, and if it is offset, you can slightly adjust it.

No film was taken when the film was applied, because the hands are water. Enjoy the fun while playing on the film.

The specific situation can refer to this, the window glass film is more enjoyable than the mobile phone film.

In short, my plan is to mark the size of the position, spray the glass with enough water, tear a little from the corners of the protective film parallel to the top edge. Then affixed to the window glass, tear the protective film from the top to the bottom while pulling out bubbles and excess water with a silicone scraper.

Some small bubbles can be left unattended, and the seller said that the small bubbles would gradually disappear on their own after a few days of membrane drying.

Now is the link to test the effect:

The seller is so publicized

Specific to the one I bought is this:

The actual effect is as follows:

It looks like the front window is long.

After the film was like this, the room was a little darker and looked a bit darker outside, but there was no big impact.

I pulled the curtains in half, and then ran downstairs to throw away the scraps of protective film and plastic strips, and ran downstairs to look downstairs.

From the outside, there is no obvious specular reflection effect (maybe because I reflected from the downstairs is the sky) but the semi-open half-height curtains behind the glass can't be seen.

This film also has the effect of protecting privacy. However, this one-shot effect is only available during the day and you can see the room outside at night. Of course, indoors can be seen indoors in the evening, but it's a bit specular. My solution is to pull the curtains at night.

Now is the time for the most critical insulation effects:

The temperature in the interior of the house before the film was applied, when it was about 24°C outside.

About one hour after the film temperature. It is just 2°C lower. Considering that the actual outdoor temperature and light intensity are increasing during this time, the actual temperature-insulation effect should be slightly larger than 2°C. When the summer heat is high, I think the cooling effect should exceed 3°C or more.

And you can see that the indoor light intensity has also decreased, the screen of the second photo is clearer than the first one.

PS: The room temperature dropped, but the glass got hot. I touched it and felt that the temperature of the glass was about the same as the body temperature. It should have 37~38°C.

Then I asked the seller.

Now is the summary:

The glass heat insulation film I purchased is 45 yuan/m2. I don't know if the effect is as good as the sellers advertised. So I only bought 6 films of two bedroom windows. The total area is about 3.9m2, and a total of 169 yuan is paid for. , The seller provided free cutting service.

On the whole, I think it is more satisfactory and basically worth the money.

If there are any expensive friends you can consider buying a few bucks/m2 of film, or if you have a local friend who can also buy hundreds of membranes/m2 of membranes, and then we can explore the reasonable price of this product. How much should it be?

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