Application of sensors in the medical industry

Application of sensors in the medical industry According to incomplete statistics, there are 30,000 types of sensors, and the market size of flow sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors is the largest, accounting for 21%, 19%, and 14% of the entire sensor market. The major growth in the sensor market comes from emerging sensors such as wireless sensors, MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) sensors, and biosensors.

Here we summarize the application of sensors in the medical industry:

1 Humidity sensors applied to medical ventilators help to deliver warm and humid air and make the patient feel comfortable. When water is introduced into the air, it must be monitored and controlled.

2 The force sensor used in the infusion pump ensures that the infusion pump and insulin pump of the patient delivering the solution are unobstructed.

3 Sensors used in hospital diagnostic devices, such as air flow sensors to regulate the gas flow rate of the gas chromatograph, and force and position sensors to control laboratory robots. The pressure sensor is used in the pump system, the speed sensor controls the speed of the centrifuge, and the temperature sensor controls the temperature of the sample and the cabin.

4 Airflow sensors for gas chromatographs. Medical chromatographs require accurate monitoring and regulation of gas flow. Because the ceramic gas flow path in the sensor can avoid outgassing, it can improve the accuracy and reliability of the chromatograph.

5Infrared sensors for hematology analyzers, which can be combined with the encoder on the pump shaft when used in a hematology analyzer to calculate the number of rotations of the pump shaft, when opaque objects pass through the gaps of the package and obstruct the passage of infrared rays The sensor can detect it.

6 Thermistor element temperature sensors for blood analyzers monitor the temperature of the cabin, diffuser, and oil-cooled motors to prevent overheating. If there is overheating, stop it immediately to allow it to cool.

7 Sensors for monitoring instruments, pressure sensors, gas flow sensors can be used for respiratory monitoring, showing the key index of breathing. Plug-in pressure sensors are used for blood pressure monitoring and glucose monitoring.

8 A gas flow sensor (referred to as an air flow sensor) for anesthesia machines can measure the flow of air, oxygen, and nitrous oxide so that the gas supply to the patient is appropriate and meets the standards set by the doctor. The thermistor element temperature sensor monitors the temperature/humidity of the air sent by the anesthesia machine. It can make the patient breathe comfortably and avoid the sore throat caused by inhaling dry cold air.

9 An air flow sensor for a sleep ventilator, when the patient starts to exhale, the sensor sends a signal to the sleep ventilator to reduce the speed of the ventilator fan so that the patient does not feel uncomfortable to "fight" with the machine. The humidity sensor is used to monitor the humidity of the air and accurately measure its dew point and absolute humidity or water content so as to supply the patient with suitable humidity air. This type of humidity sensor can be used with all three types of positive pressure breathing machines.

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