Nichia Research and Development DMC New Technology SSL Lighting Market Arrives

In response to market demand, Nichia has developed a new Flip-Chip LED technology called "Direct Mountable Chip" ("DMC"), which is installed in industrial production by directly mounting chips. The highest magnetic flux density level of the LED can be achieved. The design range can range from single to cluster, making it ideal for the SSL lighting market.

According to the news of the official website of Nichia, the company announced the launch of the 1010 specification with the "Direct Mountable Chip" technology in October 2015. Recently, it has announced the use of DMC technology to add new E17A/E21A series.

The new E17A series includes NCSWE17A and NCSLE17A, which are packaged in a 1.7*1.7*0.28 (mm) package. The new E21A series includes NVSWE21A and NVSLE21A, and the package size is 2.1*2.1*0.28 (mm). The series of products (Ra) has 70 and 80, and the luminous efficiency can reach 144lm/W.

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