The market conditions are not good The four major panel makers have gradually cooled their investment boom in mainland China.

As the world’s top four panel makers invest in the mainland’s investment boom, it will help ease the long-term overcapacity of the panel. At the same time, in the fourth quarter of last year, the panel makers paid a large number of transcripts of losses, and the top four companies focused on improving profits as their top priority. This was also a major factor in the slowdown in landing.

According to Xie Qinyi, vice president of Display Search, the panel still has oversupply problems. The industry is trying to improve profitability. Compared to setting up factories overseas, how to improve profitability is the focus of the company's current concern, leading to the slowdown in the construction of the panel maker. .

He stressed that delaying the construction of the plant does not mean cancellation. After all, the mainland still has enormous opportunities and market growth potential. The industry may end up building factories on the mainland, but it will be sooner or later.

For example, LGD's original 8.5-generation factory in Guangzhou is scheduled to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2012. It is now possible to delay at least half a year. Samsung's 7.5-generation plant, which was planned to be put into operation in the second half of 2012, has recently reported that members of the construction team are feared to withdraw to South Korea, making the plan seem to be deferred. Sharp has already cancelled plans for the Nanjing Eighth Generation Factory.

AUO originally planned to build a 7.5-generation factory in Kunshan, and it has already released an investment that will re-evaluate its construction and seek better returns.

He said that the panel has fallen into oversupply since the second quarter of 2010, leading to losses in the panel divisions of LGD, Samsung, and Sharp. To urge companies to re-evaluate plans to build new generation plants in the mainland.

According to industry sources, although the Samsung LCD unit profited in the fourth quarter of last year, it was SMD's 30% contribution to Samsung Electronics. Otherwise, Samsung's LCD division suffered a loss. Even Samsung, a brother, was unable to avoid losses. not good.

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