2010 Shanghai Energy Conservation Industry Development Summit was successfully held

On January 20th, the “2010 Shanghai Energy Conservation Industry Development Exchange Summit and Energy Saving and Efficiency Express Train Launching Ceremony” was successfully held by the Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network and Other units. More than 300 industry elite representatives from government agencies, industry experts, key energy-using units, energy-saving technologies and service companies and other energy-saving industries gathered together to create a unique exchange event at the beginning of the new year.

The summit was held by Yao Weimin, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Promotion Association. Hu Jialun, vice chairman of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Yao Fugen, secretary general of the Shanghai Incubator Industry Association, and Tu Lide, deputy director of the Energy and Comprehensive Utilization Division of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, and the city's thermal industry. Zhang Jinming, director of the Institute of Energy Measurement Technology, attended the summit and delivered a speech. Shao Weiguo, deputy director of Shanghai SME Service Center, Wang Wenzhong, director of Shanghai Technology Brokerage Office, Sha Shangzhi, vice president of Shanghai Green Industry Promotion Association, and Chen Yijin, director of development department of Shanghai Energy Conservation Service Center, also attended the summit.


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Interpretation of energy conservation policy helps enterprises rationalize development ideas and promote leapfrogging

During the summit, Deputy Director Tu Lide explained the policies and management methods of Shanghai's special fund management for energy conservation and emission reduction, special support for energy conservation technology renovation projects, and financial incentive fund management for energy conservation technology reforms, and introduced 09. In Shanghai, Shanghai has stepped up efforts in energy-saving technological transformation, energy-saving in industrial systems, and contract energy management. At the same time, it made a comparative analysis of Shanghai's “Eleventh Five-Year” energy-saving targets and completion schedules in recent years, further pointing out that 2010 Shanghai's key initiatives to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction. Director Zhang Jinming introduced the “Measures for Energy Conservation Management of Key Energy-using Units” and “Guidelines for the Provision and Management of Energy Measurement Instruments for Enterprises”, and introduced the work arrangements of Shanghai in promoting energy measurement, which will be carried out for everyone in the new year. The promotion of energy conservation and efficiency has pointed out the key points and clarified the ideas.

Chen Hong, general manager of Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network, reviewed the 2009 Shanghai Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology Transfer Service Center, Shanghai Energy Conservation Technology and Product R&D Recommendation Alliance and Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network to build a green channel for energy conservation services and promote the application of high-tech energy-saving technologies and products. The work done in strengthening the training of energy-saving talents and the cooperation and exchange of energy-saving industries also gave six measures in promoting the development of energy-saving industries in 2010. Shanghai Metrology and Testing Technology Research Institute and Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network plan to jointly establish the “Shanghai Energy Efficiency Measurement and Evaluation Center” to implement IPMVP (International Energy Conservation Effect Detection and Confirmation Procedure), and plan and prepare Shanghai local standards to conduct energy efficiency measurement and evaluation reasonably and effectively. Energy-saving detection and confirmation, effectively clarify the benefits of energy-saving effects sharing, reduce the risk of implementation of energy-saving projects, and provide third-party technical support for promoting energy-saving and efficiency-effective express trains.

Energy-saving and efficiency-effective trains were launched, and the first batch of 8 energy service companies were awarded certificates.


At the "2010 Shanghai Energy Conservation Industry Development Exchange Summit" held on January 20th, the Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Transfer Service Center and the Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network jointly issued an initiative to launch the energy-saving and efficiency-enhanced through train, which was unanimously represented by more than 300 delegates. response. Shanghai Light Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haolong Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Advantech (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongsheng Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., General Electric (China) Co., Ltd., Detu Eight international and domestic energy service companies, such as Instrument International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd., joined the energy-saving and efficiency-effective through train and won the title of energy-saving and efficiency-recommended recommended technology (product).

In the future, all cooperation units will jointly build an interactive energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing service platform to help the major through policy presentations, exchange visits, training lectures, energy diagnosis, energy management consulting, energy-saving renovation program design, implementation and other diverse and comprehensive services. Relevant responsible persons and project managers of enterprises in industrial parks and parks, districts and counties, commercial buildings, and key energy-using units in various industries understand the advanced management experience and technology in energy conservation and efficiency at home and abroad, and promote the application of energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing models. The development of energy saving and emission reduction business!


Energy saving and efficiency through train launching ceremony

Shencheng rated 16 "excellent energy-saving engineers"

At the "2010 Shanghai Energy Conservation Industry Development Exchange Summit" held on January 20th, the 2009 "Excellent Energy Saving Engineer" was officially produced, and a total of 16 outstanding energy-saving engineers won this award.



It is understood that in order to encourage explorers, innovators, communicators and implementers of advanced energy-saving technologies and products, and relevant personnel of enterprises and institutions that have made outstanding contributions in energy conservation and emission reduction work, they advocate energy conservation and emission reduction to the whole society. Cultivate awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, and earnestly promote solid, long-term and effective development of energy conservation and emission reduction. After the Shanghai Institute of Engineers, Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Transfer Service Center, and Shanghai Shortage Talent Energy Conservation Engineer Training Center, it is decided to grant the following individuals “excellent energy conservation”. "Engineer" title, the winners are:


Extend energy-saving technologies and products, and share experiences in energy-saving technology reform

This summit not only focuses on Advantech (China)'s Web-based building energy management system to help building energy conservation, Shanghai Light Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. AOP intelligent environmentally friendly circulating cooling water treatment innovation technology, Shanghai Xinye Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The company's energy-saving measurable construction equipment energy-saving management system, GE Lighting (China) Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. LED lighting solutions and Deto Instruments (China) Co., Ltd.'s energy-saving testing equipment solutions and other five excellent energy-saving technologies and The product is also set up in the display area on site, and is attended by the representatives of the key energy-using units.

At the meeting, Ramada Plaza Pudong also made a report on the ten technical reform reports in 2009 and the successful application of the financial subsidies for energy-saving technological transformation. At the same time, the hotel was actively introducing the activities of the green hotel.

Husky Injection Molding Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. also shared its experience in energy management and green plant construction.


During the summit, Wei Jianjun, Investment and Construction Department of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center, Sha Shangzhi, Vice President of Shanghai Green Industry Promotion Association, Shao Weiguo, Deputy Director of Shanghai Small and Medium Enterprises (Productivity Promotion) Service Center, and He Jin, Vice President of Energy Investment, Shanghai Fosun Group It introduces in detail the important measures for energy conservation work in various industries and the future work priorities, and calls for actively sharing energy conservation and emission reduction and energy management experiences through energy exchange and efficiency, low carbon economy theme exchange activities, and reducing energy costs and creating for enterprises. Profits together to meet the opportunities and challenges brought about by the low-carbon economy. According to reports, Shenkang Hospital Development Center will have 70 million will invest in new hospital projects and energy-saving renovation.

All industries jointly promote energy conservation and efficiency, and meet the challenges of a low-carbon economy

Representatives of various industries participating in this summit include Baosteel Co., Ltd., Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Bailian Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pacific Department Store Co., Ltd., Kraft Foods China Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenmei Beverage & Food Co., Ltd., and Fenmeiyi Spices ( China) Co., Ltd., Eisai (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Thermal Power Plant, Sofitel Jinjiang East, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai Grace Semiconductor, Shanghai Xiehe Amino Acid Co., Ltd., etc. Equipment for energy-using units, energy and environmental protection supervisor, and engineering department manager.


Important measures for energy saving and emission reduction in various industries and future work priorities

Thanks for the dinner, deepen the exchange

The summit prepared a more grateful dinner. The organizers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all the guests and the most sincere New Year greetings. At the same time, the whole lottery was held throughout the lucky draw. The prizes arranged many new energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, such as beautifully packaged LED lamps. Spotlights, waterless car wash kits, electronic desk calendars, etc., are not only rich in variety, but also a large number. The atmosphere of the dinner is pushed to the climax, and the whole dinner is relaxed and lively. Everyone said that they have narrowed the distance between us and our customers, strengthened communication with each other, and opened up a wider space for the future development of the energy-saving industry.


Dinner lottery

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