Learning from Anhui experience LED large-scale commercial is not a dream

On November 28th, 2009, a classic Angye building was presented to the world. The large-scale retail commercial building invested by Hefei Baida Group, a Fortune 500 company in China, adopts the “semiconductor functional lighting fixtures” independently developed by China.
According to the investigation, large-scale shopping malls completely adopt semiconductor lighting, and there are no cases in the international market. It is still the first in China.
On the same day, the author went to visit and interviewed Liu Jianhua, the head of the logistics support department of the Baida Shopping Center. Liu Jianhua said: "After the use of semiconductor lighting in the shopping mall, the overall effect of the average illumination is 400LX, the uniformity error is less than 5%, the color temperature is 4800?5000K, and the overall lighting of the shopping mall is rich in texture." The original design lighting fixtures use energy-saving lamps, and the design illumination is 300LX. After the use of semiconductor lighting, the ambient illuminance is increased to more than 400LX, the power consumption is more than 75% energy-saving on the basis of energy-saving lamps, and the shape is beautiful and elegant, corresponding to the overall aesthetics of the environment.
However, for the large-scale application of LED lamps, the mall itself has been controversial. What makes the Baida Shopping Center determined?
Liu Jianhua admits that he initially did not agree to the use of LED lamps, and there were more negative news about LED lighting from the lighting circle. However, the group leaders attach great importance to it, let us study it well, and contact some manufacturers, the manufacturers send samples, some can meet the requirements, and some need to be improved. The most important factor is that the energy saving effect is very obvious, and the energy saving is about 75%. Under simple conversion, there are 12,000 watts of commercial lighting (two 26W energy-saving lamps per mile plus two ballasts 10W), and the total power is 62W. Working 13 hours a day, the total daily energy consumption is 9672 degrees, and the total energy consumption per year is 3.53 million degrees. Now the replacement LED lamp has a power of 12W per turn, saving 7800 degrees of energy per day and saving 2.847 million kWh per year.
The reporter later learned that Hefei Baida Group had previously applied LED lighting to the flagship store in Hefei, and it has achieved good results. Chen Bugao, the director of the Logistics Department of the Commercial Building, was named “2008 Energy-saving Advanced Individual” by the Hefei Municipal People’s Government for its outstanding energy-saving work.
In the Drum Tower commercial building, the reporter saw that the floor with LED lighting is the same as the top 100 shopping malls. Chen Bugao high-speed reporter: "In order to save energy and reduce consumption, we can be said to have broken our brains. The group is required to reduce the energy consumption by 3% every year. Due to the increase in the service life of lamps, the energy consumption will increase, not only will not fall, but also increase by about 5%. This is one of the drivers. In addition, the semiconductor lighting fixtures provided by the manufacturers are much more expensive than the traditional lamps, and we have conducted comparative tests on the traditional energy-saving lamps and semiconductor lighting lamps currently used, and the energy saving rate is as high as 75% or more. In fact, saving electricity means saving money. After calculation, after the transformation, the shopping mall can save more than 10,000 yuan per day, which means that the electricity cost can be saved more than 10,000 yuan per day. In addition, the group requires us to set an example for the mall, the purpose is to Full use of energy-efficient products within the Group to achieve the Group's overall consumption reduction."

Chen Bugao also told reporters: "The lighting situation of the shopping mall after the renovation is: the average illumination of the mall floor is 600LX, the uniform error is less than 5%, the naked eye does not feel, the color temperature is 5500K, the error is less than 5%. Now after more than half a year of use, The effect is still good. At present, we know from the shopping malls and from the customers that they are recognized for the use of semiconductor lighting."
For the first "eat crab" in Anhui Province, there is no need to worry and criticize at first. Today, the Drum Tower Commercial Building has become a model for learning in major commercial buildings in Anhui Province. Chen Bugao revealed that more than 120 shopping malls under the group will also follow up to replace LED lamps.
"In fact, for our shopping malls, it is zero investment, zero risk. LED manufacturers have a three-year warranty period, within 3 years, the light decay should be controlled within 20%, more than free replacement. In theory, the life of LED lights can reach 5 Ten thousand hours means more than ten years. It can be used for three years. The remaining electricity costs for one and a half years will be paid back, and there will be one and a half years of income." Chen Bugao analyzes the market from the perspective of businessmen The economics of using LED lighting.
In Hefei, the reporter saw that the second, third and fourth floors of Qingyun Clothing Store were all illuminated by LED lamps. Hefei Yuanyi Times Square and Anhui Shangzhidu have entered the installation stage, and they are planned to be completely transformed into semiconductor lighting in steps. Zhou Dongjun, manager of the engineering department of Hefei Yuanyi Times Square, said: "After the comparative test of semiconductor lighting and traditional lighting, the energy saving rate is as high as 75%."
In addition, the reporter saw the semiconductor lighting of the Hefei Luogang Airport Terminal Building. The 9.5-meter-high terminal hall showed a rich illuminance. According to reports, this is the world's first airport terminal building. Civil aviation airport. Another comprehensive case is located at the intersection of Jade Avenue and Danxia Road in Hefei Economic Development Zone, the real estate project of Jinshui??? Fairytale Mingyuan Community in the core area of ​​the University City. This project is included in the “Eleventh Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Program, which is a comprehensive system engineering, which will be used in solar photovoltaic power generation, green lighting semiconductor light source application, fire emergency lighting, network management, infrared anti-theft monitoring, digital system control, etc. The high-tech integration of the project has realized the solarization of public lighting electricity. The project saves 1.11 million kWh per year. The project uses semiconductor performance lighting technology to increase the energy-saving base point to 50%, and then reduce the total energy consumption by 95% through the use of renewable energy.
The large-scale application of semiconductor functional lighting used in these seven venues, which was visited by reporters, shows that the large-scale application of LEDs in Chinese venues is no longer a dream. The promoters in this process are full of hardships and sufferings, and we have already deeply felt it.

Postscript: Application is the key to promote the rapid development of the industry. In the case of foreign patents occupying most of the upstream of semiconductors, our way out is to counter and surpass application. By applying problems and solving problems through application, we can promote the healthy development of the industry.
According to a semiconductor lighting research institute in Anhui, high-quality semiconductor indoor lighting fixtures can now reach the following indicators: illuminating light efficiency 120LM/W, the average illuminance of the mall floor can reach more than 1000LX, the light decay is less than 15% for five years, and the color temperature is 3000? 7000k is controllable.
In fact, technically, today's technical capabilities can fully meet the needs of shopping mall lighting. The mall also has the power to replace more energy-efficient lamps. According to the Anhui field survey, if the demonstration project is done well, it will drive a large number.
We believe that through demonstration, we can assemble data, sum up experience, apply technology to promote technological breakthroughs and industry leapfrogs, and benchmark the market application, provide data and basis for the preparation of semiconductor lighting application technology standards, and lay the foundation for product industrialization. .

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