Large screen and other monitoring system equipment procurement announcement

Title: Large-screen and other monitoring system equipment procurement announcement Tender No.: NNZC2009-1145C Announcement date: June 17, 2009 Deadline: June 22, 2009 Tendering agency: Nanning Urban Construction Investment Development Corporation Province: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region... Content: Entrusted by Nanning Urban Construction Investment Development Corporation, Nanning Municipal Government Centralized Purchasing Center intends to conduct competitive negotiation and procurement of the auxiliary project of Pingling Avenue Tunnel of Nanning City Construction Investment and Development Corporation , the procurement information is now announced as follows:

I. Item No.: NNZC2009-1145C
Project Name: Nanning City Construction Investment Development Corporation Pingle Avenue Tunnel Affiliated Project-Monitoring System Equipment Procurement Project Budget: 壹仟零壹拾玖万仟玖佰元整(¥10196900.00元)

Second, the project content:
※Reference model and specification
1. Coil type vehicle monitor. 2 sets.
2. Detect the coil. 32 units.
3. PTZ camera. 4 sets.
4. Fixed focus camera. 14 sets.
5. Traffic lights. 8 sets.
6, lane display. 4 sets.
7, ultra high detector. 2 sets.
8, large information board. 2 sets.
9, small information board. 2 sets.
10, video lightning protection. 1 set.
11, data lightning protection. 1 set.
12, power supply lightning protection. 1 set.
13, CO / VI detector. 4 sets.
14, wind speed and direction instrument. 2 sets.
15. Brightness detector. 4 sets.
16. Area controller PLC. 6 sets.
17, auxiliary. 1 item.
18, emergency phone host. 1 set.
19. Emergency telephone extension. 8 parts.
20. Call the microphone. 1 set.
21, CD player. 1 set.
22. Recorder. 1 set.
23, multi-channel hybrid amplifier. 1 set.
24, multi-channel control box. 1 set.
25. Outdoor horn speaker. 32 units.
26, auxiliary materials. 1 item.
27, fire alarm host. 1 set.
28, lightning arrester box installation. 1 set.
29, the power box is installed. 1 set.
30. Comprehensive disk. 1 item
31. Signal line. 4000m.
32, 24V power cord. 3500m.
33, 220V power cord. 3500m.
34, auxiliary materials. 1 item.
35. Monitor the server. 1 set.
36. Communication server. 1 set.
37. Monitoring workstation. 5 sets (sets).
38. Laser printer. 1 set.
39. Color inkjet printer. 1 set.
40. Video control matrix. 1 set.
41. Video distributor. 1 set.
42, video analyzer. 2 sets (sets).
43. Dome camera. 2 sets.
44, wall screen monitor. 12 sets.
45. TV wall. 1 set.
46. ​​Video decoder. 2 sets.
47. Digital video recorder. 2 sets.
48, parameter regulator. 1 set.
49, UPS power supply. 1 set.
50, console. 1 set.
51. Standard cabinet. 4 items.
52, system software. 1 item.
53, application software. 1 item.
54 Cables and accessories. 1 item.
55 single mode optical transceiver. 2 end.
56, single mode optical transceiver 1V. 14 end.
57. 100M optical switch (2 light 2 power). 5th floor.
58, 100M optical switch (2 light 6 power). 7 sets.
59. Gigabit Ethernet switch. 1 set.
60, single mode fiber optic cable (18 core). 2000m.
61. Single mode optical cable (8 core). 300m.
62, optical connector box. 18 pcs.
63. RF cable. 500m.
64, network cable. 2500m.
65. Copper core cable laying. 1600m.
66. Copper core cable laying. 500m.
67. Steel trough bridge. 2800m.
68, auxiliary materials. 1 item.
69, system trial run. Six.
70. Scaffolding usage fee (7).
71. Scaffolding usage fee (2).
72. Scaffolding usage fee (13).
73. Telephone station. 1 set.
74, big screen. 1 set.
75, monitoring room and computer room decoration. 1 item.
76, system software. 1 item.
77. Cables and accessories. 5 items.
78. Application software. 1 item.
... The specific technical parameters are detailed in the electronic tender.
※Technical parameters
The above manufacturer's model specifications are for reference only. The specific requirements are detailed in the procurement documents.

Third, supplier qualification requirements:
1. A factory (business) with domestic legal person status, registered to produce or operate the goods purchased in this bidding. 2. Enterprises with computer system integration qualification certificate (including temporary level).

Fourth, the tender / procurement documents release time: June 16, 2009 to June 22, 2009 (normal working hours, except holidays)
Venue: Central Government Procurement Center of Nanning City (808 Finance Room, 8th Floor, No. 59-1 Jinhu Road, Nanning City)
Price: Wu pick up yuan / share (Â¥ 50 yuan / share), not refundable after sale.
Method: If you need to mail the tender, please fax the copy of the wire transfer with the name of the unit, the detailed address, the postal code, the item number of the purchase bid, the contact person of the unit and the contact number to the centralized procurement center of Nanning Municipal Government.

V. Deadline for bidding:
Bid Opening Time: June 23, 2009, 09:00:00, Bid Opening Location: Bid Opening Room, 7th Floor, Central Purchasing Center of Nanning Municipal Government (see the 7th floor electronic display for details)

Sixth, the purchaser's address: Nanning procurement agency account name: Nanning Municipal Government Centralized Purchasing Center Purchasing Agency Bank: China Construction Bank Nanning Jiabin Road Sub-branch Purchasing Agency Bank Account Company Name: Nanning Municipal Government Central Purchasing Center Contact : Pan Lin Tel: 0771-5555263 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address: 59-1 Jinhu Road, Nanning City

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