Wang He: Good projects are inseparable from lighting and culture (Figure)

Mr. Wang He delivered a speech

On January 23rd, the six-party international summit of light and shadow space jointly sponsored by Aladdin Lighting Network, China Architecture Technology Association (Taiwan), Guangdong Decoration Industry Association and Chinese Lighting Designers Association (CLDA) officially kicked off.

Mr. Wang He, the deputy dean of the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Guangzhou University and the chief engineer of the building, brought the classic design of the villa of Cap Peak Hill and gave a wonderful explanation for the participants, which benefited all participants.

In the speech, Mr. Wang He shared the creative experience with the high-tech means reflected in the construction of the No. 1 building. Mr. Wang He introduced that a successful project cannot be separated from two aspects of support, one is lighting and the other is the precipitation of culture. Lighting is a technical means, and culture belongs to the precipitation of culture, which requires the cooperation of lights.

Due to the low-carbon economic boom, the architects are also keen to pay attention to this focus. Mr. Wang He also introduced to the participants that the building should talk about low-carbon ecology and light low-carbon ecology. How can the buildings here achieve low-carbon? The light above, in fact, can be read here during the day without having to light up. This is an ecological building.

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