Application of PEC in venue lighting of Ordos National Fitness Center Stadium

Inner Mongolia Ordos Dongsheng District National Fitness Activity Center Stadium is located in Tiexi National Street North and Wanzheng Road East. The total land area is 493,000 square meters, the construction area is 100451 square meters, and the total number of seats is 35,107. In design, the stadium structure arch vouchers are designed from the Mongolian traditional tools "bow". The main arch vouchers on the roof are up to 129 meters and span 320 meters. The steel cable on the arch vouchers is like a string. It reflects the characteristics of the Mongolian nationality. There are two open and close roofs on the roof of the stadium, which can provide a good viewing environment for the audience in the harsh weather, which can effectively adjust the atmosphere, lighting effect and acoustic effect of the venue during use. .

The entire stadium competition venue uses Thorn illumination MUNDIAL 2000W, AREAPAK 25/40400W and HALINE 1500W three types of lamps to meet the venue competition lighting, auditorium lighting and emergency lighting. All luminaires are installed on the surrounding horse track.

Performance / Performance

l Mundial series products are professional stadium lighting products, using LM6 high-purity die-casting aluminum lamp body, high temperature resistant tempered safety glass-ceramic, galvanized steel bracket. Light weight and corrosion resistant;

l Silicone rubber high temperature and aging resistant sealing ring, the lamp body and electrical box are IP65 waterproof and dustproof, power factor>0.9

l The electrical box is separated from the lamp body to balance the load on the side wall of the track;

l The trigger is installed with the lamp body and placed in a small special insulated electrical box to achieve secondary electrical performance.

l High-purity anodized aluminum plate reflector, computer-aided design, providing asymmetric light distribution and symmetrical light distribution. There are two kinds of reflectors to choose from. By changing the position of the light source, each reflector can provide three kinds of light distribution, and a total of six different light distributions can be formed, which is convenient for on-site adjustment and illumination system upgrade according to needs;

Efficiency / efficiency

l Reasonable combination of lamps with different beam angles, under the premise of meeting lighting requirements, reduce the number of lamps used, reduce installation costs and future maintenance costs, daily operating costs, have efficient energy-saving effects, meet energy-saving emission reduction Demand and development trends.

l Professional optical light distribution, the efficiency of the lamps is up to 80%, which effectively improves the lighting efficiency.

l Designed up to 12 lighting scenes for different competitions and corresponding competition levels, providing different lighting levels, effectively controlling the lighting range and illumination level, and saving energy.

l The standard configuration of the luminaire adopts double-side mechanical aiming device and aiming auxiliary dial for convenient installation and debugging. A precise sight can be selected if necessary.

Comfort / Comfort

l Installation and maintenance is simple and convenient. The rear cover is opened for maintenance. When the light source is replaced, the set projection angle is not affected; after the rear cover is opened, the power is automatically cut off to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel.

l Built-in anti-glare baffle to remove stray light and upward spillage to reduce glare;

l With the intelligent lighting control system, the user can switch to the required lighting scene in the control room during the use.

Design / Design

Any excellent engineering project can not be separated from scientific and thoughtful design and coordination work. The whole lighting design and lighting selection, lighting arrangement, lighting aiming and debugging, site lighting effect detection, Thorn lighting professionals and professional products have been implemented. PEC's system concept makes lighting fully meet the needs of sports lighting, meeting the needs of design, construction, users, and events.

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