April domestic exchange market analysis

April domestic exchange market analysis In April 2013, the number of products sold in China's switch market was more than 1,300, which was a slight increase over the previous month. The number of brands participating in the competition was the same as last month, with 48 companies. From the perspective of the brand's attention, the top three brands in the switch market this month showed a clear three-legged situation. No brand could occupy a clear advantage and the competition was fierce.

Report Highlights • Brand Concern: H3C, Huawei, and Cisco are all focused on more than 20% of the brands, and the three continue to compete with each other on a three-footed basis. Compared with the previous month, the rankings of the three brands changed.

• Product focus: Huawei S5700-24TP-SI (AC) is still ahead of the pack, and products with a price of less than 5,000 yuan occupy seven seats.

• Product features: Product price of 1000-5000 yuan price segment continued to rise, Ethernet, smart switches, the degree of concern rose slightly, 21-30 port switch attention to ultra-return to less than 60%.

First, the brand attention pattern

• The trend of three pillars has intensified ZDC monitoring data show that in the switch market in April, H3C, Huawei, Cisco and the three brands are all concerned about more than two percent, and the three continue to compete with each other in a three-footed manner. H3C's focus on the ratio is a slight lead. Cisco and Huawei are only 0.1% worse. The percentage of other brands on the list is below 10%.

• Compared with March, the brand rankings of Ruijie Networks rose slightly compared with that in March. The brand awareness in the switch market was not changed much this month. Among the ten brands, the ranking of three brands changed, with Ruijie Networks rising to sixth place with a 2.2% concern. NETGEAR and ZTE dropped one position each. Among the top three brands, both Huawei and Cisco showed different degrees of decline from last month, and the gap between the two was narrowed to only 0.1% this month.

Second, product attention to the pattern

(I) Product Focused Models • Huawei S5700-24TP-SI (AC) Leading the Way in April Huawei's S5700-24TP-SI (AC) has become the most popular user-focused switch product with a 4.8% interest rate, and is at the forefront of the market. . However, judging from the proportion of concerns, this month continued to show a slight downward trend, slightly down 0.2% from the previous month. As a whole, this month Huawei has a total of four products on the list, and the product quantity advantage is also significant.

In addition to Huawei, the products on the list also come from the H3C, Cisco, TP-LINK three brands, of which TP-LINK occupy three seats, Cisco's two products short-listed. H3C has only one product on the list, ranking second in the rankings.

• Products with a price of less than 5,000 yuan occupy seven seats. From the main parameters, among the ten switch products listed on the list, products under 5,000 yuan occupy seven seats, of which three are priced below 1,000 yuan. From the product type, smart switches and Gigabit Ethernet switches occupy the mainstream, and there are three short-listed products. The number of ports on the list of switch products is less than 30.

(II) Product Structure in Different Price Segments • Product Continuity Rise in Price Segment of RMB 1000-5000 Yuan From the price point of view, in the April switch market, the attention of users of products priced between RMB 1000 and RMB 5000 is concentrated to reach 42.1. %, an increase of 1.4% from the previous month. The price of the product in the price segment of RMB 10,000 to 20,000 was also slightly higher than the 1.1% in the previous month. Below 1,000 yuan, 5001-10,000 yuan, and 20,000 yuan the following products are showing different degrees of decline.

(III) Structure of different types of products • Attention on Ethernet and smart switches rose slightly In the switch market in April, the proportion of attention to Ethernet with 44.1% remained the type of switches most concerned by users, and its attention increased slightly from last month. 1.6 Percentage. Smart switch attention also rose slightly this month, reaching 23.5%, up 0.9%. The enterprise-level, carrier-grade, and routing switches all showed a slight decrease from the previous month.

(IV) Product structure of different port numbers • The degree of attention of 21-30 port switches has dropped to below 60%. ZDC statistics show that in the switch market in April, the number of switch products with 21 to 30 ports is still the highest. It reached 58.5%, but fell by nearly two percentage points from the previous month and fell below 60%. More than 10 ports and more than 50 ports have a product visibility of over 10%, of which more than 50 port products are paying attention this month to 11.9%, reaching over 10% for the first time.

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