China's communications industry faces six major challenges

Recently, Zhang Feng, director of the Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the "2012 China Communications Market Annual Meeting" hosted by CCID Consulting and sponsored by CCID Consulting that the development of the communications industry is facing six major challenges. Challenges, including deficiencies in development.

The six challenges are: industry growth is still mainly driven by investment and user scale, and the existing development model needs to be changed urgently; the construction of national broadband facilities is still relatively backward, and China's broadband access penetration rate is significantly lower than the level of OECD countries, urban and rural The gap between China and the central and western regions is still significant; the contradiction in the industrial structure is still prominent, and more than half of the industry ’s income still comes from voice. The level of production service industry for production and operation management of enterprises and industries needs to be improved; the cross-border capabilities of technology business Weakness, innovative capabilities in emerging formats and insufficient leadership capabilities, especially in key areas such as cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things and other emerging areas that still need to be broken through; unbalanced market structure, coexistence with market irregularities, and unbalanced basic telecommunications market Despite the improvement, it is difficult to fundamentally change in the short term, and the dominant position of a single enterprise in the market segment is still obvious; the mobile Internet and smart terminals represent the development of new technologies and new services, and the network and information security issues are increasingly prominent.

It is reported that the basic telecommunications industry achieved revenue of 988 billion yuan in 2011, a year-on-year increase of 10%. Since 2006, after five years, the growth rate has again exceeded GDP growth.

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