Dongguan LED subsidy new rules: up to 10,000 yuan

On April 17th, the Dongguan government of Guangdong Province recently released the “Temporary Measures for Subsidies for LED Lighting Application Demonstration Project in Dongguan”, town street or non-government units. Once LED lighting products are used, the maximum subsidy may reach 10 million yuan.

According to the provisions of the Measures, the target of financial subsidies refers to the demonstration projects of LED lighting products implemented by town streets or non-government units and enterprises, and the implementation period is no more than one year, including roads, squares, underground parking lots, tunnels, office buildings. , commercial buildings, etc. The projects in which the municipal finance participates in the investment or have been funded are not included in the scope of subsidies for this measure. At the same time, LED product suppliers have made special requirements - LED lighting products must be included in the "Dongguan City Priority Purchase Product List"; LED lighting product suppliers and agreements supply prices should be generated through tendering and so on.

In terms of subsidy standards and quotas, the government will select key areas to implement relevant demonstration projects in batches each year. The municipal finance will subsidize 10% of the approved LED lamps prices; non-government units and enterprises participate in demonstration projects and purchases meet Dongguan standards. 30% of the price of LED lamps is subsidized.

If the total amount of lamps for a single project is less than 10 million yuan, the maximum financial subsidy shall not exceed 3 million yuan; the total amount of lamps for a single project shall be between 10 million yuan and 50 million yuan, and the maximum financial subsidy shall not exceed 6 million yuan; For more than 50 million yuan, the maximum financial subsidy is no more than 10 million yuan.

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