Short-range wireless communication module TN33MUE002L (NXP&Toppan Forms)

NXP Semiconductors and Toppan Forms have announced that the TN33MUE002L, a short-range wireless communication (NFC) read/write module jointly developed by the two companies, has been selected by Lenovo for its three globally released ThinkPad notebooks, three models. They are T410, T510 and W510 respectively. The TN33MUE002L module can also be used for personal computers or peripherals, with a variety of security and convenience features, support online banking, e-commerce, e-government and other online access and secure login.

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As the first NFC read/write module released globally, the TN33MUE002L features NXP's highly integrated PN533 NFC chip (with built-in microcontroller supporting 13.56MHz contactless communication) and Toppan Forms' professional hardware and software-driven packaging technology. Based on the mainstream non-contact smart card currently on the market, including MIFARETM, the world's most widely used contactless smart card technology, and FeliCa, a smart card system commonly used in Japanese public transportation and electronic payment. In addition, the TN33MUE002L module is also compatible with a variety of open standard cards (ISO 14443 Class A and Class B), which are currently used worldwide for banks, governments and public institutions such as e-passports and Japanese driver's licenses.

Toppan Forms general manager Katsuhiko Moriyama said: "With the release of the pioneering module TN33MUE002L, Toppan Forms plans to further expand the NFC reader business, making it a veritable computer industry standard. We believe that NFC reading module application In the personal computer will promote NFC technology to mature, and thus attract a broader consumer group. In addition to the personal computer market, we are now turning to mobile phones and consumer electronics, I believe that NFC will create more value in these areas."

Henri Ardevol, General Manager of NXP Semiconductors Security Trading Division, said: "This project is of great significance. We have successfully implemented NFC into the personal computer field. NFC's entry into such an application platform will bring more new surprises to consumers, allowing consumption. You can experience a variety of secure transactions on your own computer, such as payment verification, secure online banking and government services."

The TN33MUE002L module is PC/SC-compatible and is compatible with existing PC/SC applications, enabling seamless integration with most security and payment applications. The reader is Windows certified and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7* operating systems. Module drivers are available through Toppan Forms' NFC software development tools for PC/SC, which helps developers develop faster, more flexible, non-contact card-based applications.

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