The 2010 LED illuminating China tour will be held soon.

Gaogong LED reporter Fu Chenglong

In 2010, China's LED industrialization process reached an inflection point. The government has listed the LED industry as one of the country's top ten key development industries. The industrial park has blossomed everywhere; private capital has swarmed in, LED companies have gone on the market, and scientific research and technology have emerged in an endless stream; corporate investment and revenue have doubled.

In this special period, we will find ways and means to improve the quality of business operations in order to help enterprises face new situations and solve new problems. Gaogong LED, Xiamen LED Promotion Center, Xiamen Optoelectronics Industry Association, Fujian Optoelectronic Industry Association The "2010 LED Illumination China Tour Xiamen Station Seminar" will be held in Xiamen on July 15, 2010. This is the first stop for the high-tech LED to turn on the "LED to illuminate China tour."

The conference will invite relevant experts and CEOs of Sanan Optoelectronics, CREE, Hualian Electronics, Guanyu Optoelectronics, Oriental Fuhai and Xiamen LED Promotion Center, LED companies, industry associations and investment groups to develop LED industry in Fujian. Planning and related policies, China's industrial conditions in the first half of 2010 and LED capital, products, markets and policy related issues were discussed and exchanged in depth. Gaogong LED will announce at the seminar that 2010 LED will illuminate China's annual selection of candidates for the Fujian region.

Part of the speakers and their speeches include: Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, “Industry Analysis Report for the First Half of China in 2010”, Cao Jianping, Deputy Director of Fujian Provincial Information Technology Bureau, “Development Planning and Related Policies for LED Industry in Fujian Province”, Xiamen Municipal Engineering Management Office "The Status and Future Plans of Xiamen LED Application Demonstration Project", Peng Wanhua, Secretary General of Fujian Optoelectronic Industry Association, "Discussion on Problems in LED Application in Lighting Field", CREE China CTO Shao Jiaping "2010 Shanghai World Expo LED Application Engineering Decryption, Oriental Health Investment Partner Mei Jian, "We are looking for LED companies that can invest."

"2010 LED illuminates China's journey"

Although 2010 is an inflection point, China's LED industry is still in the initial stage of development. There are specializations, yields, technologies, talents, patents, investments, channels, standards, costs, policies, etc. in the LED industrialization process. Traditional lighting has a problem of transformation and the scale of LED enterprises. The entire lighting industry will be challenged by foreign lighting giants.

We can't solve all the problems at one time, but we can solve most of the problems gradually through our own efforts and sincere cooperation.

Therefore, the high-tech LED opens "2010 LED to illuminate China's journey", and will form partnerships with government departments, non-governmental organizations, enterprises, scientific research units, experts and scholars, and friends who love LED, and travel to most LED companies in China.

Gaogong LED will conduct a detailed three-month survey of about 500 companies of a certain scale and characteristics nationwide from June to September. In the 12 key cities that have passed through the tour, Gaogong LED will hold 12 industry exchange seminars, invite partners to face-to-face exchanges, share failures and successful experiences, and promote cooperation between the LED industry.

Based on the research, Gaogong LED will complete the “2010 China LED Industry Research and Analysis Report” and a number of segmentation research reports for all partners. It is hoped that the government will provide decision-making reference for the formulation of local industrial policies, provide industry scale, market conditions, technical status, and regional industry comparison data, and provide enterprises with reports on technologies and products.

This is a mobile forum, a flowing mind, and a flowing force. LEDs have a long way to go, but LEDs will surely illuminate all of China!


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