Guangdong is preparing the "Medium and Long-term Development Plan for LED Lighting Industry in Guangdong Province"

In the "Promoting Guangdong LED Lighting Application Seminar", the Guangdong Provincial Situation Research and Research Center released the "Guangdong LED Lighting Industry Development Status and Countermeasures" research report, calling for the introduction of the Guangdong LED industry development plan as soon as possible.

According to the research report, the overall competitiveness of Guangdong LED industry ranks first in the country, and the industrial scale is leading in the country. It has formed a pattern of taking Shenzhen as the leader and Guangzhou-Shenzhen as the main axis, and the industrial chain radiates to both sides of the axis. Among them, Shenzhen is the most concentrated, followed by Guangzhou, and other concentrated areas include Foshan City, Dongguan City, Zhongshan City, Zhuhai City, and Huizhou City.

The prospect of hundreds of billions of industries but the bottleneck is difficult to break

"According to the national strategic emerging industry plan, Guangdong will focus on the development of high-end new electronic information industry, LED lighting, electric vehicles and other three emerging industries." Li Xinjia, deputy director of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences said that in recent years, Guangdong grabbed LED lighting The historical opportunity of industrial development, in which LED package production accounts for about 70% of the country, accounting for about 50% of the world; some technical fields have been synchronized with the world.

Although a relatively complete industrial chain has been formed, Guangdong LED lighting enterprises are mainly located in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. The LED substrate, epitaxy and chip links are relatively weak, and they are in the middle part of the smile curve of the value chain. Core chips, especially high-power LED chips, rely mainly on imports. In addition, the report also pointed out that due to the lack of unified industry standards, uneven product quality, and the government's support for the mid-stream support demonstration is not enough, although Guangdong LED lighting industry is far behind in China, it is far from its due influence. .

Bihai Action Investment Co., Ltd. from Beijing announced at the meeting that the company's 20 billion RMB “Bihai Action Plan” fund invested in the operation of Guangdong's municipal street lamp energy-saving renovation project to promote Guangdong LED lighting applications . According to the forecast of Guangdong Science and Technology Department, the market scale of LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province will exceed 80 billion in 2015.

Industry development planning is expected

According to relevant persons from the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, the Office is organizing the research of the benchmarking system of LED lighting products by Sun Yat-sen University and Guangdong Standards Research Institute to provide technical support for product quality evaluation for the special project construction of “Green Lighting Demonstration City” . Feng Shengping, executive deputy director of the Provincial Provincial Research and Research Center, believes that according to the actual situation in Guangdong, two or three companies with independent core technology intellectual property rights can be selected to give priority support and guidance, so as to drive the development of enterprise investment and supporting industries to form LEDs. Industrial clusters.

The report recommends that the Provincial Development and Reform Commission take the lead in organizing the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the Provincial Lighting Industry Association, the Provincial Energy Center and other relevant departments and experts to prepare the "Guangdong Province LED Lighting Industry Medium and Long-term Development Plan" on the basis of extensive and in-depth research. Guide the structural adjustment and regional allocation of the LED lighting industry in the province and the formulation of safeguard policy measures, form a number of LED lighting industrial parks, accelerate the gathering of LED lighting industry, and gradually develop the LED lighting industry into a pillar industry in Guangdong.

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