Hisense ULED TV picture quality evaluation: backlight than the wide color gamut

However, intelligence is just a function point of the TV. It is just a icing on the cake, after all, whether it can be watched by TV.

Now we are evaluating a new TV, like talking about a mobile phone or a tablet, talking about the appearance configuration, talking about the application and ecology, and it also caused the previous users to not pay attention to the problem of image quality analysis. In fact, we have never wanted to write a good picture, but how many products can have the high-tech features that can describe the differences, and how many products can evoke your interest in interpreting the picture quality? Hisense XT910 series ULED TV has such a magic power. In the tide of TV innovations such as quantum dots, 4K, OLED, and curved surfaces, the ULED TV that carefully exploits the limitations of LCD TV technology can hold the position of Hisense's flagship.

When it comes to image quality, many people respond only to Sony and Sharp. However, the difference in the supply of LCD TV core components has greatly reduced the gap between domestic brands and joint ventures. Of course, TV can't be bought without a screen. Fine processing and stacking are also required for quality processing. When quantum dot backlighting representing the wide color gamut technology meets a ULED R&D team with a background in the Sony background, the quality of the TV picture quality is also basically determined. Today, we will talk to you about the quality of the long-lost TV. In this one, we only talk about the quality of the picture. The protagonist is Hisense 55-inch XT910 series ULED Quantum Dot Surface 4K TV, which has enough rings.

I'm sorry, this is an evaluation that only revolves around the display technology and ULED picture quality, so I didn't prepare TV for more appearance, configuration and introduction of the VIDAA3 intelligent system. Let's go straight to the topic.

Screen, how did the birth of the ULED do not hinder the good picture quality

Most users may have an understanding of picture quality in two aspects: screen, color, and the former. No matter what the information sheet of Hisense 55 inch or 65 inch XT910, you can't see any description about the panel information. This behavior can only be described as “Exotic” in the domestic TV group. Buying a TV is to buy a screen. There is no Sharp or Samsung. , LG support how to describe your home TV picture quality? Obviously, Hisense, who avoided the “panels,” chose a HARD mode road.

In the product concept of Hisense ULED, a good picture quality is a system solution of a series of television modules such as a liquid crystal panel, a backlight, and a driving technology. Only a good panel can not fill the short board of a wooden barrel. Since we haven't disclosed the panel information, we don't guess it. Then we talk about colors.

Source video screenshot

ULED screen shot

Source video screenshot

ULED screen shot

Sony wide-gamut television in the standard mode of the screen shot, the color is also vivid saturation
The wide color gamut that exceeds NTSC 100% explains everything

In terms of color, only the color gamut can be considered. Accurate or not is where the LCD monitor is to be PK. The TV is based on watching “Run, comfortable”, which is why the TV's color output is more vivid and saturated. The reason for this is that just these two items make it out of balance with precision, as long as the color is not biased enough that you can detect it without using other televisions for comparison.

As for the color gamut, this is one of the strengths of ULED TV. Because of the quantum dot backlight technology, it allows LCD TV color gamut to easily approach or exceed NTSC 100%. Before the birth of Quantum Dots, Japanese three-color RGB backlight The flagship TV may not be as accessible as the high color ULED.

I'm not a technical person. I also know little about QDs. The reason why the high color gamut of QDs is introduced is that the RGB trichromatic colors produced by them are of higher purity, so they can display a wider color range. For QDs, its backlight level is also divided into threes and nines. ULED's backlight system was jointly developed by Hisense and 3M. The direct-type backlight and the quantum dot diaphragm covering the LCD panel are precisely prepared for each pixel. The ability to control color so that the color gamut coverage reaches NTSC 103.9% during testing, compared to 70-80% for regular television.

As a digital enthusiast, I personally support the intelligentization of television. Because of it, I am gradually starting to abandon the traditional viewing habits of downloading high-definition movies. I don't have to wait at the resource station for weekly updates, downloads, Watched, deleted. There is no doubt that intelligence provides users who love tossing digital products...

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