Medical lighting is promising

Medical lighting is promising

In the rapid development of the lighting industry today, LED light sources are rapidly developing in areas such as smart lighting, plant lighting, landscape lighting, and medical lighting with their characteristics of fixed point, orientation, high brightness, high purity spectrum, cold light, adjustable color temperature, and longevity. Although compared to the entire LED lighting market, the output value of LED medical lighting may be relatively small, but medical lighting belongs to medical devices. It has strict regulations and certification requirements. It requires strict technical and safety regulations, and it is in line with ordinary functional lighting. In comparison, the risk of technology is greater and the entry barrier is higher. With the emphasis on health care, medical rehabilitation, environmental protection and energy conservation, LED medical lighting will open up a new world in the domestic market.

Medical lighting products are specifically named as oral light, head light, surgical light, shadowless light, signal light, disinfection light, and film viewer according to their specific functions. The surgical shadowless lamp is an indispensable and important device for surgical site illumination. It requires the doctor to be able to best observe objects with different depths, sizes, and contrasts in the incision and body cavity; it is necessary to have both "no shadow" and "light". ". The traditional shadowless lamp generally adopts the low-priced tungsten halogen lamp as the light source, which is prone to problems such as improper filter, infrared heat radiation, and dryness of the patient's surgical area. The use of LED as the light source of the shadowless lamp can solve the above problems. With the improvement of medical lighting requirements, LED light sources have developed rapidly due to their special advantages and the prospects are bright.

It can be obtained by CSA Research. From 2011 to 2015, the total export volume of medical lighting in China has increased rapidly, from US$16 million in 2011 to US$25 million in 2014, and the export value has increased by nearly US$10 million. In 2013, exports accounted for more than 23 million U.S. dollars and the growth rate reached 44%. In the first half of 2015, the export volume of medical lighting lamps in China reached 13 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 34% from the first half of 2014.

Although the export volume of the entire LED industry has exceeded US$5 billion in exports in the previous year, the medical lighting industry is a very “fine” industry. Its export value is very different from that of the entire LED lighting products. However, with the introduction of the new medical reform, the medical lighting industry will continue to maintain rapid growth under the promotion of medical insurance expansion and the establishment of a primary health care system.

From the development of 2011 to 2015, the development of medical lighting in China is still in a transitional period. With the improvement of technology and the urgent demand for medical lighting from the society, China's medical lighting will eventually achieve full-scale outbreak.

China's medical lighting is divided into traditional medical lighting fixtures and LED medical lighting fixtures according to light sources. At present, China's global medical lighting products are still based on traditional lighting products. In 2011, exports of traditional lighting fixtures were US$14 million, accounting for total exports. About 91% of the LED lighting exports in 2011 were only US$1.45 million, accounting for only 9% of the total. From 2012 to the first half of 2015, the export volume of LED medical lighting fixtures has been increasing until the end of 2015. For half a year, the export volume of LED medical lighting fixtures accounted for 25%. Compared with 2011, the export volume of LED medical lighting fixtures has increased by nearly 2 times. The export volume of LED medical lighting fixtures is also growing rapidly. In 2013, the growth rate of exports reached 100%.

CSA Research believes that the reasons for the export of LED medical lighting in China are lower than that of traditional medical lighting products. There are two reasons. First, late start-up and backward technology. The development of LED medical lighting products in China did not begin until 2007. Second, China's related companies have entered the LED medical lighting device industry with high barriers. Most large-scale medical device companies only operate medical lighting products incidentally, with few professional manufacturers.

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