Advantages of FPD digital angiography system

FPD digital angiography system replaces the traditional II-TV image chain by FPD, eliminating the need for multiple conversions in the intermediate links (II, optical system, camera, analog-to-digital converter), and directly obtaining digital images from FPD, avoiding The distortion, noise and resolution caused by the transmission of multiple links in the traditional image chain reduce the complex peripheral control parts and make the control more direct and simple. The FPD digital angiography system shows that the traditional II-TV angiography system is unmatched Technical advantages.

Compared with traditional DSA system, the main advantages of FPD digital angiography system are:

(1), the spatial resolution and density resolution of the image are high, the image layer is rich, and the details are clearly visible;

(2), the dynamic range of imaging is large (10 times that of traditional DSA system), which is more convenient for image post-processing;

(3) High detection quantum efficiency (DQE) and modulation transfer function (MTF);

(4), can be quickly collected (25 frames per second, 1024 matrix perspective and photography collection);

(5). The radiation dose is low. Some companies have introduced that FPD can reduce the dose by 60% compared to traditional DSA systems;

(6) The afterglow is small, and the geometrical distortion of the edge is eliminated. The image has no white or black areas, no saturation artifacts, and the image quality is good, especially for low-density catheters, guide wires and stents. However, FPD digital angiography system also has some shortcomings, such as the image display is not soft, and the image background is not transparent. In short, the FPD digital angiography system still has room for continuous improvement.

So far, the FPD digital angiography system and the traditional digital angiography system are in a considerable position in terms of imaging quality. With the stability and maturity of FPD technology, it has increasingly shown great development potential. From the long-term development perspective, the prospect of FPD digital angiography system will be better.

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