Difference between delay and settling time in ADC circuit

The difference between delay and setup time setup in ADC circuits: For most ADC users, the terms "delay" and "setup time" are sometimes interchangeable. But for ADC designers, they are very clear about the difference between these two terms and how these phenomena will affect your application circuit. ADC users have noticed that these two ADC characteristics will have some impact on their circuits. This is an indisputable fact. However, people generally have misunderstandings about delay and settling time, so when a system designer thinks hard It may be frustrating to find out the signal integrity problem.

Whether the converter uses a SAR (Successive Approximation Register), pipelined or The topology and ADC delay are the total amount of time it takes for the converter to collect the analog signal and prepare the digital output field for retrieval. Time delay, or delay, includes conversion time and digital output time, but does not include sampling time. Contrary to what is stated on the first few pages of some product manuals, the delay cannot be zero. It takes some time for all ADCs to complete the analog-to-digital conversion.

It takes some time for all ADCs to complete the analog-to-digital conversion

In the most common topologies, SAR ADC has the shortest delay. After sampling the input signal, most SAR converters start transmitting digital output fields in just 1 or 2 clock cycles. For pipelined converters, the delay of the digital output signal depends on the number of internal stages of the pipelined architecture. The delay of the pipeline converter is the time required for all internal stages of the pipeline architecture to complete the conversion. The delay of a pipelined converter also depends on the accuracy of the converter, which is usually 6 or 7 clock cycles. Correct It is relatively difficult to measure the delay of the converter. The converter samples the input signal multiple times and sends the sampling result to the internal digital filter stage. The delay of the converter starts at the beginning of the first sampling period and ends until the digital output data retrieval ends. The ADC's ability to meet its own delay requirements does not ensure that the accuracy requirements are met.

ADC settling time is a very different concept. Settling time refers to the time required for the output of the converter to converge to the final value of a step input. The settling time of the SAR converter (measured in seconds) occurs during the acquisition cycle. Please note that this definition does not include the settling time of external input filters or other parts of the system. The setup time of a pipelined converter is similar to the setup time of a SAR converter. The pipelined converter samples the input signal during the acquisition cycle. In order to obtain accurate conversion, before obtaining the converted analog signal, the input signal must be adjusted sufficiently in the analog domain to achieve the ADC accuracy level. The converter differs from SAR and pipeline converters in this point. The settling time of the internal digital filter of the ADC can reflect the order of the digital filter. Usually, you are The settling time of the ADC is measured, where the period is the number of conversions required for a step input to converge to its final value.

You can draw a conclusion from this discussion that the settling time of SAR and pipelined converters is better than ADC settling time. However, this is more effective from a system perspective rather than a separate converter. In the system, SAR and pipelined converters require an external analog converter. This type of filter requires a certain amount of time to adjust before the converter obtains the signal. In comparison, the filter is built in Converter.

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