Attention to the load cell of electronic belt scale

This article introduces several issues to be noted when installing the load cell of the electronic belt scale:

(1) When measuring with a single load cell in a suspended manner, the sensor is required to be on the center line of the weighing body and installed vertically (2) When using two sensors, the two load points must be on the same horizontal plane, and the two sensors are carrying The point connection line is required to be parallel to the axis of the drum (3) When measuring more than two sensors, in addition to meeting the above three related requirements, all measurement sensors must also meet that the load point is on the same plane and the plane is transferred to the electronic belt scale. The material planes are parallel. Drawstring sensor (4) The range of the weighing measurement sensor should be greater than 120% of the weight of the material in the measurement section at the maximum flow rate of the belt scale. When using multiple sensors at the same time, the weight of each sensor should be the same and the performance index should be the same.

(5) When the measuring sensor is of radial load type (such as pull type, pressure type, column type, wheel auxiliary type, bridge type, etc.), the vertical axis of the sensor and the vertical scale of the horizontal scale should be ensured after installation and use. Only bear the vertical load of the measuring belt scale (6) When the measuring sensor is of the shear load type (such as cantilever beam, box type, etc.), after installation and in use, ensure that the load bearing surface of the sensor is parallel to the horizontal plane without tilting, and only bear Measuring vertical load of electronic belt scale.

(7) High-strength bolts should be used when the load cell is installed, and the installation is firm without creeping.

Pay attention to the above problems during installation, which can avoid many faults and prolong the service life of the belt scale.

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