MC-10260A solution based on the second generation NB-PLC modem platform


Power line communication (TI) is a communication method that uses power lines as a medium. The second-generation PLC technology using OFDM modulation technology and Ad Hoc network structure can make PLC signals reach any corner of the grid through reasonable layout.

Renesas Electronics' global NB-PLC modem platform chip MC-10260A implements the second-generation PLC standard based on G3/PRIME, and opens up the application prospects of PLC in smart meters, smart street lights, smart homes and other fields. The MC-10260 chip uses a multi-core architecture with an 8-bit 78K0 controller, a MAC controller, a Renesas high-end 32-bit DSP, and 128KB of program memory. The 78K0 controller can be used to write user applications. When used in simple nodes such as sensor nodes, the MC-10260A can directly control peripherals such as sensors through GPIO, thus achieving single-chip node design, greatly reducing the product. Volume and design cost, etc.

Renesas Electronics also developed a reference circuit board compatible with China National Network's single-phase carrier meter standard, measuring 65.5 & TImes; 45.4mm, 5V/12V power supply, static and receiving power less than 250mW, and transmitting power less than 1.5W.

In terms of software, Renesas Electronics can provide users with peer-to-peer/manual routing test tools and network test tools, as well as network monitoring software. Through these tools, users can easily carry out laboratory evaluation and field test of narrowband PLC transmission performance and network performance with the evaluation kit provided by Renesas Electronics. In order to facilitate users to develop custom interfaces and applications, Renesas Electronics has prepared SDK kits for developing on-chip 78K0 programs, and can provide adaptive network layer (ADP-Layer) and MAC sub-layer (MAC-Sub) according to customer needs. Layer), as well as different levels of program interfaces such as the PHY Layer, all interfaces are equipped with detailed documentation and corresponding application routines.

System Block Diagram

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Key characteristics

78K0CPU can be used to implement customized applications

Embedded DSP for physical layer programming – fully supported by the G3 standard

(Supported center frequency Fc=63KHz, 131KHz, 270KHz)

Built-in 128KByteFlashROM for storing 78K0 and DSP software

Integrated analog front end (AFE) circuit

High performance ADC/DAC

Maximum 500KHz adaptive gain receiving and transmitting amplifier controlled by DSP

Low energy module below 250mWatt

Built-in encryption/decryption function, can be used

*MAC layer communication security

*DSP software protection

48-pin QFN sealing (7mmx7mm)

Key application

Smart meter communication

Intelligent street light control and communication

Smart Home / HEMS

Electric vehicle charging pile communication



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