Qipu Optoelectronics High Configuration HD P3 Shocking 2014 Guangzhou International LED Exhibition

The four-day 2014 Guangzhou International LED Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion yesterday. Many LED companies have made a lot of impressions on the exhibitors, such as luxury car beauty, such as sweepstakes, such as hot girl dance. Among them, Qipu Optoelectronics teamed up to accumulate technology, launched the "WeChat sweep, happy to win good gifts" activities, the effect is extraordinary.

Qipu Optoelectronics displayed the WeChat QR code on the high-density cast aluminum LED screen of the P3 Little Swan indoors, which allows the exhibitors to sweep and answer questions and participate in the sweepstakes. The gift can be described as rich and powerful, with a value of 1,500 yuan for the BEATS headset, a value of 350 yuan for the SONY mobile phone mobile power supply and a value of 120 yuan for the racing shape U disk.

The P3 Little Swan indoor high-density cast aluminum box size is 480mm*480mm, the module size is 240mm*240mm, using the latest S-PWM chip, 2020 black light, refresh rate up to 2800 Hz, drive mode is 16 sweep Constant current drive is the highest P3 product in the entire exhibition hall.

The picture shows the popularity of the Qipu Optoelectronic Exhibition Hall.

According to the planner of Qipu Optoelectronics Exhibition, the event was held on the 24th and 25th, and the lottery time was 01:30 in the afternoon. The exhibitors at the scene were very excited and participated in it. They also had lucky customers, and they won the prize. .

The picture shows the sales staff and the customer seriously negotiate

This year's Guangzhou International LED Exhibition, Qipu Optoelectronics products win word of mouth, high-quality products are the best attraction, Qipu Optoelectronics LED display multi-directional display, so that customers can appreciate different from multiple angles Wonderful world. Qipu Optoelectronics Exhibition Hall is full of people, and customers from home and abroad are paying close attention to the products of Puguang Optoelectronics. Qipu Optoelectronics sales team at home and abroad, with the most full of enthusiasm, the most sincere service and the best quality products for customers who come to consult. Troubleshoot.

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