Listed company executives "resignation tide" LED industry is difficult to sit on the fishing boat

At the beginning of the Year of the Horse, many listed company executives "resigned immediately." According to the statistics of Shanghai Stock Exchange, in the first week after the holiday (February 7 to 14), 36 senior executives of 32 companies (excluding independent directors, supervisors, and normal directors) resigned, with an average of 7 per working day. The senior executive resigned. Analysts pointed out that most of the resignation at the beginning of the year was related to poor performance.

On the afternoon of the 14th, the open-pit coal industry announced that on February 13, it received a written resignation report submitted by the company's director Li Yongxian. Li Yongxian applied for resignation as a director of the company due to changes in his work. At the same time, he applied to resign as the deputy director of the company's remuneration and appraisal committee. After resigning, he will not hold any position in the company.

On the evening of the 13th, Nanling Civil Explosion also announced that Zheng Limin, Chen Bihai and Deng Jianguo had decided to resign their applications for resignation at the second meeting of the fifth board of directors due to changes in their work, and agreed to hire Tang Zhi as the company. General Manager, He Hui is the chief financial officer, and Wu Zewei is the deputy general manager of the company.

On the same day, the resignation of the announcement also resigned from Sun Lili, vice chairman of Tongzhou Electronics, Wang Shaofang, director and vice president of Lehman Optoelectronics, Cai Kaicheng, chief financial officer of Huafeng Spandex, and Sun Jie, head of auditing, Wang Rongan, general manager of Haoningda, and Ruihe and Songzhi Shares, deputy general manager of Nanning Civil Explosion.

In terms of job types, in the first week of the Year of the Horse, the vice president and deputy general manager resigned the most, with 15 in total, such as Anne, Xilinmen, Hongli Optoelectronics, etc., followed by Secretary, Securities Affairs and Chief Financial Officer. There are two types of auditors involved, including Netac Technology, Wanxun Automation, Xiake Environmental Protection, Hefei Urban Construction, Ai Shide, Hongyu New Materials, Lushang Real Estate, Shandong Zhanggu, Huafeng Spandex and Natural Biotechnology.

The reasons for resignation are almost always common words, work changes, job adjustments, physical reasons and other vague words, and of course there are a few notable words.

A brokerage analyst in Shenzhen told reporters that the board of directors generally has performance appraisal targets for managers every year. If they fail to complete on schedule or the performance difference is too large, some companies will make adjustments to the management personnel. Taking Tongzhou Electronics as an example, Sun Lili, the vice chairman of the company's announcement, resigned as the vice chairman of the company for personal reasons, and no longer held any position in the company after resigning. Previously, the company issued a performance forecast that it expects net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from January to December 2013 to be between RMB 75 million and RMB 85 million, down 56.01% to 61.19%.

Wang Shaofang, director and vice president of Lehman Optoelectronics, also resigned for "personal reasons." Lehman Optoelectronics released its annual results forecast on January 30. It is estimated that the annual profit will be approximately 14.99 million yuan to 23.78 million yuan, down 5% to 25% year-on-year, mainly due to the company's expansion of new markets and new product development during the period. The investment, as well as the continuous increase in labor costs. In addition, Tongyu Heavy Industry, Netac Technology, Open Coal, China Yizhong, Hongyu New Materials, etc. are also of the same type.

Analysts also pointed out that in addition to performance reasons, it is also a common real reason for executives to resign in order to facilitate later reductions, strategic arrangements for major shareholders, and optimization of management.

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