Hesheng Hardware Lighting introduced the ability to replace the COB light source device with bare hands

At present, the COB light source in the market is basically directly fixed on the luminaire, and the COB light source is not easy to replace, which leads to certain restrictions on the use of the COB light source in the market.

Hesheng Hardware Lighting has introduced a device that can replace the COB light source by hand (as shown below), which can be replaced by hand to solve the above problems. The light source holder is first attached to the heat sink or the lamp housing. There are two electrode contacts on the light source holder. The thermal grease is applied to the back of the COB light source.

The positive and negative electrodes of the corresponding light source holder are placed in the light source holder. Rotating the COB source causes the positive and negative electrodes to coincide with the source of the light source. The light source cover is then screwed into the light source holder to be reinforced to fix the COB light source and to insulate the outside. A reflector and lens placement are left on the light source cover.

The company also launched a series of optical components such as reflectors and lenses. Cooperated with the COB light source brands Citizen, Sharp, Corey, Jiyu, etc. Some products have patents.

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