Campus Dressup LED Lights Nearly 8 Million in 5 Years

Campus Dressup LED Lights Nearly 8 Million in 5 Years

Is there a light in the world that does not pay for it? Have! Recently, all the tubes on the campus of Dalian Polytechnic University have been renewed and their brightness has greatly increased. In this "dressing," the whole school replaced a total of more than 41,000 lamps, which not only did not cost the school a penny, but also saved a lot of money in one year.

According to Liu Zhenguo, Director of the General Affairs Division of Dalian University of Technology, all of the school’s replacements are LED energy-saving lamps. These lamps are provided free of charge by the Lighting companies. Schools do not need to spend extra money, as long as they are saved annually during the contract period (5 years). It's enough to pay for the electricity bill. He calculated an account: The school spent 2.28 million yuan on electricity bills last year, and the maintenance cost was 300,000 yuan, which totaled 2.58 million yuan. After switching to LED energy-saving lamps, the electricity charge for a year is only about 1 million, and the maintenance cost of lamps and lanterns can be basically exempted within five years. In this way, it will save nearly 1.6 million yuan in a year, and 8 million in five years.

What is the energy-saving effect of LED energy-saving lamps? Professor Zou Nianyu, director of the Institute of Photonics at Dalian Polytechnic University, calculated another account: She said that LED is short for Light-Emitting Diode. The LED light source is the light source of the light emitting diode, which is another revolution in lighting technology since Edison invented the incandescent lamp.

LED energy-saving lamps have the advantage of being difficult to match with incandescent lamps and other lamps: longer life. The lifetime of ordinary incandescent lamps is only one thousand hours, and that of ordinary energy-saving lamps is only 8,000 hours. The LED lamps used under normal conditions generally have a life of 50,000 hours. This greatly reduces the maintenance costs of the lamps and avoids frequent replacement. Use more electricity. The LED lamp consumes a relatively low amount of power. In the case of the same lighting effect, the lighting effect using a 45-watt ordinary fluorescent lamp is only equivalent to a 15 watt LED light source. Light efficiency is higher. In the lighting industry, lumens are used to describe how much light is emitted by the lamp. Incandescent lighting effects are approximately 20 lumens per watt, fluorescent lamps are 60 lumens per watt, and LED lighting effects can reach 120 lumens per watt, and will continue to improve as technology advances. Better light color controllability. The LED's luminous color and brightness are variable and can be adjusted according to actual needs so that the light environment can be changed as needed. Higher safety factor. The LED light is a cold light source, does not generate heat, uses direct current, has a low voltage, a low risk, and a higher safety factor. More green. LED lamps without harmful metal mercury, non-toxic, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation, will not produce electromagnetic interference, shock, impact resistance, not broken, can be recycled. More conducive to healthy lighting. After a reasonable circuit design and optical design, LED lamps can be no flicker, no glare, light is softer, help to protect the vision, make life and learning environment more comfortable and healthy. Dalian University of Technology's campus green lighting earns more than just "light", but also earns savings, environmental protection, and health. It really does not lose light.

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