Medical lighting and next city deep ultraviolet LED output power hit a new high

The Japan Information and Communication Research Institute (NICT) announced that the newly developed deep-UV LED with a wavelength of 265 nm has achieved continuous illumination with an output power of up to 90 mW/cm2, which is sufficient for practical use. Deep-UV LEDs can replace existing germicidal mercury lamps, enable portable sterilization systems, and even create new markets for medical diagnostics and medical analysis.

Electromagnetic waves near the wavelength of 265 nm are called deep ultraviolet rays, and can effectively destroy DNA and RNA of living organisms, thereby effectively killing bacteria and viruses. An LED that emits light at this wavelength is called a deep ultraviolet LED. If the deep-UV LED reaches a practical level, it can replace the existing germicidal mercury lamp, and its size is much smaller than that of the mercury lamp, and it can create a new market. Therefore, the industry has been promoting related development, but the main problem is The output power is not high.

The light extraction efficiency of 3 times the original <br> <br> the sapphire substrate using NICT replaced the original aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate, developed a deep-UV LED. The AlN substrate is characterized by a substantial reduction in crystal defects compared to sapphire substrates.

However, the AlN substrate has a problem that the refractive index is large and the light extraction efficiency is extremely low. On the surface of the AlN substrate as a light extraction surface, NICT has a structure in which the size and the wavelength are substantially the same, a two-dimensional photonic crystal structure, and a nano-structure having a size smaller than a wavelength. The light extraction efficiency reached 196% (about 3 times the original) when this surface processing was not performed.

The external quantum efficiency is 6.3% (at 200 mA), which is the highest in the world at wavelengths below 270 nm, according to NETTE.

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