MSI View installs third-party applications via built-in browser

1. If the browser is already installed in the box system, we will open the UC browser to operate;

2. Open UC browser to enter the operation interface.

3, type in the URL input field “, click again to go

4, so enter the main page of the sofa housekeeper, according to the foregoing, and then download operation

5, download the success and then according to the relevant tips, install, open the sofa butler software. . .

If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Sofa butler - smart TV box problem model QQ group 106679162

The cassette type a/cs series include all types of cassette type a/cs which suitable for different markets, include cassette type a/cs with R410A and R22 gas, power supply of 220~240v/50Hz/1ph, 230v/60Hz/1ph, 380~415v/50Hz/3ph and 380~415v/60Hz/3ph.

Cassette Type Air Conditioner

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