Little charm box SOFIA-33 how to install APK software

Small charm box SOFIA-33 how to install sofa butler TV application market, small charm box SOFIA-33 how to install third-party applications, small charm box SOFIA-33 how to install APK software, one-click download and install on-demand software such as APk?
Small charm box SOFIA-33 uses U disk to install the sofa butler, this tutorial is suitable for small charm boxes and other similar models

Installation steps : 1 Download the installation package to the U disk → 2U disk to the box → 3 file browser to open the U disk → 4 to complete the installation

1, download the latest sofa butler installation package: , copy into U disk;

2, insert the U disk, will automatically detect, choose to open immediately. No automatic identification can also be found through the file browser U disk;

3, select the installation package, find the installation package. If you open the USB drive through the file browser, select the USB device to find the installation package.

4, click on the prompts to install, wait a moment, the installation is complete! Open to use!

If you have any questions, welcome to join the official QQ group of the sofa to discuss: 397262827
After the sofa butler is installed, you can directly install all kinds of video, music, games, early education and other applications directly on the TV, sofa butler → recommended → TV must have many common applications, such as live broadcast can use HDP, on-demand pudding video .

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