Huawei completes the first phase of LSTI TD-LTE field test

Huawei completes the first phase of LSTI TD-LTE field test

On January 19th, Huawei announced today that Huawei and China Mobile have recently completed the first LSTI TD-LTE FCT (Friendly Customer Trial) M12a phase test, which includes throughput, delay, mobility, coverage, and more. User scheduling, user experience and other parts, the test results are excellent.

The test site is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, using the same frequency networking, 10 cells to simulate real commercial scenarios, scrambling in the test cell and the neighboring area, the world's first to complete the 8-user scheduling and cell capacity test, the test results are in progress Submit LSTI.

According to GSA data, as of early December 2009, 51 operators in 24 countries and regions have clearly announced LTE commercial strategies. In addition, a large number of operators have also started LTE testing and verification. All parties are preparing for the maturity and commercialization of the LTE industry. The Huawei Chengdu TD-LTE scale field test is dominated by China Mobile and is a key part of LSTI's FCT phase test. It is intended to verify the TD-LTE scale networking capability. The test results will be the next stage of TD-LTE industry development. Has an important impact.

This test took about one and a half months from the initial network optimization to the completion of the test. The test results met the requirements of China Mobile and LSTI, indicating that the maturity and performance of Huawei's TD-LTE solution have been fully verified.

Ying Weimin, President of Huawei's LTE product line, said: "Since 2008, Huawei has conducted in-depth communication, testing and verification on TD-LTE with international organizations such as NGMN and LSTI, as well as world-renowned operators such as China Mobile and Vodafone. In Shanghai, we are participating in the deployment of the world ’s first TD-LTE network-the World Expo TD-LTE demonstration network. In the next stage, all parties will focus on TD-LTE end-to-end solutions, large-scale networking, network performance, IOT, etc. Carry out deeper cooperation and jointly promote the commercialization of the TD-LTE industry. "

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