Japan's 268.3 billion budget to promote the development of LED lighting

The second supplementary budget of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2009 including the information and budget related to 268.13 million yen was approved on January 28, 2010. Among them, there are many supporting budgets related to the LED lighting industry. It is expected to play a driving role in the development of the LED lighting industry.

The specific contents of the budget include: (1) 232.14 billion yen for extending the eco-point system (delayed until the end of 2010); (2) 5.4 billion 7000 for the low-carbonization process based on IT technology 10,000 yen; (3) 990 million yen to promote green innovation; (4) to support the promotion of employment opportunities in Japan to create low-carbon industries of 29.71 billion yen.

Among them, the “Environmental Credits to Promote the Popularization of Green Appliances” will extend the eco-point reward system applicable to digital microwave TVs, air conditioners and refrigerators to the end of 2010 (but will increase the energy-saving standards for applicable home appliances, only limited to energy-saving performance) High commodity). In addition, in order to promote consumers to switch to LED bulbs with higher energy-saving effects, some environmental protection points have also been changed.

The new system first adopts the “real-time exchange” system, which means that environmental protection points are obtained on the spot when purchasing environmental protection target products. For the usual procedures, you need to get points after you apply for registration. Products that can be instantly integrated using the new system are environmentally friendly products such as "bulb-type LED lamps", "bulb-type fluorescent lamps", and "rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries". Secondly, when these products are exchanged on the spot, a one-point redemption will be used to convert to 2 yen (usually 1 point for 1 yen). Thus, an LED bulb such as 4,000 yen can be instantly exchanged for 2000 points.

In addition, regarding the promotion of employment opportunities in low-carbon industries in Japan, it is to support environmentally-friendly and energy-saving industries such as lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and LED lighting with the most advanced technology and development potential in Japan to create green environmental protection. job opportunity. It is estimated that these policies will become the driving force for the popularization of products such as LED lighting appliances.

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