What aspects should energy-saving lighting start with?

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First, strengthen the management of lighting electricity

Strengthening lighting power management is another important aspect of lighting power saving. Lighting power-saving management is mainly based on energy-saving publicity and education and the establishment of lighting power-saving system. When enterprises implement the economic responsibility system, the energy-saving system will be included in the assessment content, which can promote the employees to establish a power-saving awareness, and make reasonable control over the lighting, so that employees can develop the habit of turning off the lights. Install appropriate electric meters for households to use electricity to install metering fees; install electric power meters for collective dormitories and limit electricity consumption. These measures can effectively reduce lighting power consumption.

The lighting effect of the electric light source is closely related to the operation. When the bulb is dirty, its luminous flux may drop below 50% of the normal luminous flux. When the bulb, lamp, glass, and wall are not clean, the reflectivity and transmittance will be greatly reduced. In order to ensure the luminous effect of the bulb, the factory shall formulate a system for regularly cleaning the bulbs, lamps and walls according to the lighting environment, and implement it in accordance with the system.

Second, reasonable choice of lighting

The main function of the luminaire is to properly distribute the luminous flux of the light source to meet the light distribution requirements of the environment and the operation, and not to cause glare and severe light curtain reflection. When selecting lamps, in addition to considering the ambient light distribution and limiting glare requirements, the efficiency of the lamps should also be considered, and high-efficiency lamps should be selected.

Among all kinds of lamps, fluorescent lamps are mainly used for indoor lighting, mercury lamps and sodium lamps are used for outdoor lighting, and they can also be used together for mixed lighting. This has high light efficiency, low power consumption, realistic light color, coordination, and visual comfort.

In addition, reasonable lighting should be used in the design of the luminaire. For example, incandescent lamps can be processed reasonably in the arc, and the illumination can be saved by 20% under the condition of constant illumination. The lamp design of the fluorescent lamp is staggered by the heavy light part, which can improve the luminous efficiency by 80%.

Third, scientific selection of electric light source

The scientific selection of electric light source is the primary problem of lighting power saving. At present, the luminous efficiency, life and color rendering performance of domestically produced electric light sources are constantly improving, and energy-saving electric light sources are constantly emerging. Electric light sources can be divided into two categories according to the principle of light emission. One type is a thermal radiation electric source such as an incandescent lamp or a tungsten halogen lamp. The other type is a gas discharge source such as a mercury lamp, a sodium lamp, a xenon lamp, a metal halide lamp, or the like. The luminous efficiencies of various electric light sources vary greatly. Gas discharge sources are much higher than thermal radiation sources. Under normal circumstances, the gas discharge light source can be gradually replaced by the heat radiation electric light source, and the gas discharge light source with high luminous efficiency is selected as much as possible.

The high-pressure sodium lighting effect is 8~10 times that of incandescent lamps. It has long life, stable characteristics and high lumen maintenance. It is suitable for lighting in roads, squares, docks and indoor tall factories and warehouses where color rendering is not required. .

The metal halide lamp has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, good color rendering and high power, and is suitable for three large-scale illumination fields such as theaters and assembly shops.

Fluorescent lamps are 70% more energy efficient than incandescent lamps and are suitable for indoor lighting in offices, dormitories and workshops with a ceiling height of less than 5 meters. Compact fluorescent lamps are 5% brighter than ordinary fluorescent lamps, and thin tube fluorescent lamps are 10% more energy efficient than ordinary fluorescent lamps. Therefore, compact and thin tube fluorescent lamps are introduced in the "China Green Lighting Project" implementation plan during the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period. Energy efficient electric light source.

Incandescent lamps can be used in the case of frequent opening and closing, small area, and low lighting requirements. Double-spiral filament incandescent lamps have a 10% increase in flux compared to single-silver filaments. Can be preferred as needed.

Fourth, reasonable choice of illumination and lighting

Choosing illuminance is an important issue in lighting design. The illuminance is too low, which will damage the staff's vision and affect product quality and production efficiency. Unreasonable high illumination will waste power, and the choice of illumination must be compatible with the visual work being performed. Factory lighting can be selected according to the national TJ31-79 "Industrial Enterprise Lighting Design Standards" to select the illuminance and necessary lighting quality, taking into account the overall efficiency of the lighting system.

Under the condition of meeting the standard illuminance, the electric power should be saved, and the general lighting, partial lighting and mixed lighting should be properly selected to fully exert the lighting effect. In most cases, the mixed lighting effect is better. However, the difference between the working surface and the environment should not be too large, and the illumination ratio is preferably 1/3~1/5. Under normal circumstances, when a light source can not meet the requirements of color rendering, two or more light sources can be used to mix illumination, which improves the light efficiency and improves the color rendering. In addition, scientifically arrange the distribution of light sources to obtain a satisfactory light distribution and make better use of light energy.

Making full use of natural light and properly selecting natural lighting can also improve the working environment, make people feel comfortable and help health. On the other hand, making full use of the reflectivity of the indoor light-receiving surface can effectively improve the light utilization efficiency, such as the reflection coefficient of the white wall surface can reach 70%-80%, and can also save energy.

Editor: China Lighting Network Feng Yaoyuan

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