Munich International Expo Group and EDN China "Electronic Design Technology" to create a new platform for the LED industry

Date (Date): 2010.3.17 (Wednesday)

Venue: E5 Hall, Shanghai New International Expo Center - M31

Organizer: EDN china (Electronic Design Technology) magazine, Munich Shanghai Electronics Show

Cooperative Media: Semiconductor Device Applications, LED Global Online

In order to promote the development of China's LED industry and strengthen the exchange and cooperation of international LED companies, through the friendly negotiation between EDN China Electronic Design Technology and Munich International Expo Group, the two parties formally established a partnership in 2010 and officially launched. Preparations for the 2nd EDN China LED Technology Forum.

The 2010 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 16-18. It is expected that more than 350 leading companies from home and abroad will participate, attracting more than 30,000 professional visitors. At the same time, the LED zone display and LED technology forum are located in the E5 hall. The display range covers LED chips, LED packages, LED processing equipment, LED lighting, LED backlights, LED materials, LED displays, LED testing, etc.; The technical forum will bring together leaders and experts to invite TI, NS, NXP, Tyco, Avnet Leading semiconductor technology experts such as Infineon provide engineers with the basic information necessary for LED and drive design.

Conference theme (detailed schedule after the Spring Festival)
• LED backlight applications • Current and voltage control circuits
• LED technology selection
• LED driver design
• Sensing of ambient light in the display
• Semiconductor lighting standards and management
• LED safety and safety standards • Cost of LED lighting
• Color control and equalization
• Fever management issues - active and passive
• Management and control of battery power in LED circuits
• LED efficiency issues

Sign up for the conference

Solid-state lighting and a variety of indoor and outdoor display (including TV) manufacturers, panel manufacturers, power supplies, MCUs, LED design / packaging, etc., all display-related engineering and technical personnel can participate free of charge. You can register online at After you know that you are registered, we will send you an electronic confirmation letter to you two weeks before the meeting.

Meeting consultation

Ms. Sang 010-66422042-242,

Ms. Hou 010-66422042-208,

Introduction to EDN China

"EDN CHINA Electronic Design Technology" is the leading publication of China's electronic design and development industry, making full use of the advantages of the internationally renowned EDN brand's global network resources, introducing first-hand international leading electronic technology and product information to Chinese readers, and providing exclusive And influential domestic electronic design and development industry reports, helping Chinese electronic design development and management personnel and engineers to keep pace with the world's advanced level, is one of the main media to communicate with internationally renowned semiconductor and component companies and domestic design and development industry technicians. . The monthly circulation is 40,000 copies.

is a Chinese electronics engineer community with 260,000 registered and online users who are learning, discussing, sharing, downloading and connecting with each other on a daily basis. More than 4,000 users have opened blogs and established various interest discussion groups.

Introduction to the Munich Shanghai Electronics Show

The Munich-based Shanghai Electronics Show, which combines “bo” and “specialization”, is comprised of electronica China and Productronica China, which showcases the electronics industry chain and serves the fast-growing China and Asia-Pacific markets. 2010 will be the ninth of the Munich Shanghai Electronics Show. Hosted by the Munich International Expo Group (MMI).

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