Shandong Weihai Dressup LED Light

In order to welcome the arrival of Haiyu 19 "Weihai Cup" HOBIE World Sailing Championships, Shandong Weihai High Street Light Management has recently completed LED light-changing work at the "Sail" of Weihai International Bathing Beach, and plans to start the World Sailing Competition on August 16th. Completed before the start of the competition.

It is understood that the original 12 盏 400 watt / hour sodium lamp will be replaced by 110 watt / hour LED lights.

Blade Fuse is a kind of current fuse, when the circuit current exceeds the fuse rated current of 2 times in a few seconds when the fuse will play the role of circuit protection. Widely used in equipment circuit protection standard for foreign and domestic automobiles and trucks. Readily identifiable and easily replaced, this fuse can be specified for a variety of low voltage electronic Applications.

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