Shanghai Longmao Company Introduces Three Dimmable LED Tube Lights and Tunnel Lights

Shanghai Longmao Microelectronics Co., Ltd. recently launched several dimmable LED fluorescent lamps. Although the fluorescent lamp of the past has a relatively high luminous efficiency, it contains a highly toxic substance, mercury, and it cannot be dimmed. Now LED luminous efficiency has caught up with and surpassed ordinary fluorescent lamps. Under the same brightness condition, the input power of LED fluorescent lamps can be reduced by half, and it does not contain toxic substances. It is a new environmentally friendly light source. Not only that, LED is a device that is very easy to change its brightness, as long as a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal is input, it can be dimmed, so Longmao has introduced three dimmable LED fluorescent lamps.

The first one is to manually dim the LED fluorescent lamp. In many cases, it is necessary to manually adjust the brightness of the LED fluorescent lamp. This manual dimming fluorescent lamp uses the same knob as the ordinary incandescent lamp, which is installed at the light switch, but unlike the incandescent lamp. SCR is used, so it will not cause interference in the power line. It is just a low level PWM signal generator. The required dimming signal is generated and sent to the dimmable boost type constant current driving source SLM2842SD, and then sent to the LED fluorescent lamp for dimming. The block diagram is as follows:

The second type is the photosensitive dimming LED fluorescent lamp. In many occasions, the ambient light changes at any time. For example, in the office by the window, in the sunny weather, it will be very bright. At this time, the brightness of the fluorescent lamp is not so high. Bright, after using the LED light bulb with photosensitive auto-dimming, you can dim it on sunny days and brighten it in the rainy weather, so you can further save energy. In addition, the fluorescent lamp in the subway car has a similar situation. In the urban area, the subway is usually operated underground, and the interior of the car requires a large brightness. In the suburbs, the subway usually opens to the ground. At this time, the outside brightness is very bright, and there is no need for internal lighting. If the photosensitive auto-dimming is used, the brightness in the car can be automatically adjusted.
Its composition principle is similar to manual dimming, except that the manual dimming knob is changed into a photosensitive element, and the PWM signal generator is changed to use a single chip microcomputer to generate a PWM dimming signal.

The third dimmable LED luminaire is not necessarily in the form of a fluorescent lamp, but can be any type of high power LED luminaire, mainly used in tunnel lights. In the application of tunnel lights, it is also necessary to adjust the brightness of LED lamps according to day, night, sunny or rainy days, which requires a device capable of dimming from a long distance (several kilometers to tens of kilometers). Shanghai Longmao Company also successfully solved this problem and proposed a very reliable system for long-distance dimming.

All three dimming devices are now patented.

The LED fluorescent lamps used are high-brightness SMD LEDs with a thermal resistance of only 45oC/W, and lamps with semi-aluminum heat sinks. Since the driving power supply is external, it can be fully dissipated without built-in space. The aluminum alloy tube of the sheet improves the heat dissipation efficiency, and also avoids the light decay of some LEDs caused by the heat of the built-in power source, thereby reducing the junction temperature of the LED, prolonging the life of the LED, and ensuring a service life of 50,000 hours. Moreover, the AC power supply adopts an isolated switching power supply, which can fully withstand the test of CE high voltage and also remove the possibility of electric shock. This type of fluorescent lamp has begun to be produced in small batches to meet the needs of a wide range of users.

Smart solar outdoor light with both lighting and RGB colorful lighting, can be charged with USB and solar panel. Once it has sunlight, the solar panel can be automatically charged , the charging way is very environmentally friendly. We added a USB charging way so that it can be quickly charged via the USB cable in cloudy day or rainy day.

The outdoor light is solar-sensing, it will automatically turns off when in the bright enviroment, then begin to charge by solar. When the night comes, it will automatically turn on in the dark. Waterproof IP65 makes users no need to worry when using in the rainy day.

Equipped with a detachable plastic sticker, it can be used to decorate the lawn, garden, beach... After removing the plastic sticker, it can be placed on the table as an ambient light. They will be stars fall into your garden, twinkle in the dark and go off in the day. Automatic cycle colorful mode makes parties begin at anytime and anywhere.

Smart Outdoor Lamp

Our LED products can meet global quality standards and pass European testing by TUV Rheinland. Bulbs have certifications such as EMC, RED, LVD, ROHS, REACH, ERP and FCC.

With the exclusive designed 2.4G remote controller, get you off the switch and turn on / off the lights anywhere, one remote controller can set 4 groups, each group is recommended to match up 8pcs bulbs, one remote controller can max control 32 bulbs. This remote controller is suitable for all 2.4G versions of RGBW products under [linkuphome".

The remote control uses colorful touch buttons, the color touch buttons are comfortable and sensitive. The remote controller has the functions of grouping, lighting, brightness adjustment, color light automatic cycle mode, three cycle speeds can be choosed. The wireless control distance is around 20 meters. Low power consumption makes the remote controller only need 4pcs AA batteries, but can be used for two years.


Rgb Remote Control

Description: RGB Outdoor Solar Lamp with 2.4G Control
Product Model No. C2
Product dimension: 155mm *165mm 
Material: ABS+PC
Lamp Color: 8pcs RGB lamp beads+4pcs Warm White lamp beads
Lamp Current: 15-20mA
Power: 0.5W (15LM) 
Battery Capacity: 1000mA (Li battery included) 
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Battery Duration: 9h(by USB charge for 1.5h) , 5h(by solar panel for whole sunny day)
Solar Panel: Monocrystalline silicon
Solar Panel Voltage: 6V
Solar Panel Output: 130mA
Waterproof Level: IP65
Control Qty: 1-32pcs
Packing: color box
Warranty: 1 Year
Charge Mode: Solar Panel and USB 
Control Distance: 20m
Color box  size: 22.2*20.6*5cm
G.W. of  Unit: 0.55kg
N.W. of Unit: 0.34kg
Certification: CE(EMC,RED) ROHS,IP65,FCC

Description: 2.4GRF Wireless RGB Remote Controller 
Product Model No.: R1
Product dimension: 105mm *33mm, 
Product Net Weight: 150g
Material: ABS
Battery: 4*AA Battery (not included) 
Working Voltage: 6V
Standby Power: 3 mW
Frequency Band: 2400-2483.5MHz/2.4GHz
Control Distance:    20m
Control bulb qty: 1-32 pcs
Packing: color box
Warranty: 1 Year
Color box  size: 16.7*14.7*4.5cm
G.W. of  Unit: 0.22kg
N.W. of Unit: 0.15kg

Outdoor Lamp With Remote Control

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