Monthly high-density small-pitch LED display continues to lead the industry topic list

At the Guangbo Fair in early September, several large-scale enterprises all played high-density and small-pitch LED display cards: Ruituo promoted LED super TV with retro TV style; Ai Bisen released new U2; Zhouming UTV small The pitch screen continues to be staged; Skyworth brings a series of high-density products to the show. The global naked-eye 3D display has also become the new preparation for the announcement of the September and the Liards in September; the joint construction is also closely planning the Qianping strategic cooperation plan.
High-density small-pitch LED display is inevitable
Since 2010, the competition for conventional LED displays has been particularly fierce, and the price war has almost invaded the basic profits of enterprises. As a result, markets in various emerging sectors have developed rapidly. The outdoor media, advertising industry, outdoor surface mounts, and special-shaped screens have shown great performance. Among them, high-density and small-pitch LED displays have become hot products in the industry.
Guan Jizhen, chairman of the LED Display Application Branch of China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association, believes that with the continuous improvement of the overall level of microelectronic assembly technology in China, the pixel center distance of high-density indoor LED display has been continuously broken, and the indoor pixel display pixel center distance is already Into the 1.Xmm era. In the next few years, it is possible to replace the projection wall as the mainstream display medium for the large screen of the monitoring center. In outdoor applications, for a long time, lOmm is the 中心 of the outdoor full color screen pixel center distance. In recent years, along with the improvement of the outdoor surface mount LED packaging technology and the improvement of the outdoor module protection level, the limit of the pixel center distance of the outdoor full color screen has been continuously refreshed, and the 5.Xmm outdoor full color large screen has been applied in the market.
High-density small-pitch LED displays have become popular products, and several large-scale backbone enterprises in the industry are competing for this temporary blue ocean market in real time.
Zhou Ming and Liard are the most active companies in the industry to promote LED super TV. The two companies not only compete for their high-density and small-pitch products, but also compete in the newly developed naked-eye 3D TV.
Zhou Ming UTV main low-light, high gray and high brush
Many well-known, high-density small-pitch LED display manufacturing technology is not only harsh, but also extremely test the company's craftsmanship. The high-density small-pitch LED display that Zhouming Technology pushes is its UTV HD series. Compared with the market's high-density display, UTV's biggest highlights are low brightness, high gray level and high refresh rate performance. Mr. Wu Meng, Marketing Director of Chau Ming Technology, said that reducing the brightness of the display without losing grayscale and refresh rate is crucial for indoor LED displays and is extremely challenging. Zhouming HD small-pitch UTV series products have the top 1300cd/m2 brightness (adjustable), 16bit gray level, 6400Hz refresh rate (no "ghost" on the uplink and downlink), refreshing the industry's common high-definition LED display recording. Experiments show that when the brightness of the display screen is reduced to 30% of the original brightness, there is almost no loss of the gray level of the display picture, and the gray scale loss is small at low light--200 cd. At the same time, the point-by-point chromaticity correction is perfected. The corrected brightness difference is less than ±1%, and the chromaticity difference is less than 0.003, which fully satisfies the indoor close-range viewing effect. From the indoor low-ash high brush to the main advantage of the brightness can be adjusted freely, coupled with Zhou Ming's own control system, color, brightness correction system and video processing system, the visual effect of UTV products is quite shocking.

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