Good friend on the road, my first wireless headset — JBL S400BT Headset Bluetooth Headset

Always arrogant mother's wool, always have something to return. Can I say that I was actually rewarding?

Into the topic.

I want to buy I want to buy

There are two main reasons for buying a wireless headset: First, as a business trip dog, you want to have a space on your train to listen to music. Second, iPhone 7 is said to cancel the headset hole; .

But with a pair of fungus, the front end of the game is a 6S. Therefore, the budget is set within 1000, and you can listen to the ring, just to see that the cover is very dirty.

Got in for a long time, finally selected this pair of JBL S400BT, much lower than the lowest price pushed by Aunt Zhang, and touch is very attractive.

I bought it for me

There are pictures and the truth:

Order screenshot

Transfer screenshot

Transfer progress

On August 1st, ebay voted properly. On August 15th, the United States arrived at the very beginning, and the United States did not know much about this efficiency.

It's time to get it

Well, when it comes to unpacking, look at the pictures and talk less.

The first thing I noticed was the customs inspection notice. I was fortunate that I was not taxed.

Outer packaging. There is a mark of Made in China and a text description of the place of origin in Dongguan. It is not mapped.

Bright packing box

Portable headset box

Open box

Head beam big LOGO

Side large LOGO

Audio cable (visual length 1m2) and 3.5mm charging cable (visual length 1m)

Cool breathing lights

Buttons and jacks, at a glance, understand why it's done, and the rightmost hole is the microphone. Leather case

Head beam scale. Make it easy for the owner to remember where he is most comfortable

Charging lamp, charging status is red

After charging, it becomes white

how is it going

First talk about the appearance of the black section is relatively low-key, but the idea that the white section is much more beautiful, but unfortunately ebay only black to sell the price ... workmanship and details are still worthy of this price, the Celestial Power, is not only the ability of the cottage Well .

Second, talk about the sound quality, the beginning of the exposure of their own properties of fungus, at least than I have a variety of ear plugs better. The most expensive, talk to masturbation.

Let's talk about some of the details worth considering.

First, watched the public said wearing more comfortable, but because it is pressure-ear style, coupled with my wearing glasses, wearing glasses for more than half an hour feel that the ears squint ears, do not know if it will be good to change ear style a little.

Secondly, the charging port uses the same port as the audio cable, so the headset is relatively simple in layout and everyone shares a hole. But there is a downside to this is that the charging line is not universal in the market, and if it is lost, it will be sad.

Third, plug in the audio cable in the wireless state, automatically turn off the Bluetooth, and then unplug the audio cable, Bluetooth is still off. This design personally feels very good.

Fourth, touch has a delay of about half a second, especially the one-click touch. When answering the phone, Monkey’s eager friend is prone to the following scenario: click on it, click on it again, and the result will be hung.

Fifth, there is a pop noise when you hang up the phone during a call. This situation does not occur with the 6S earbuds. You do not know if other headphones will have this problem.

Sixth, the 40mm drive unit is really small.

To sum up, overall, this headset still makes me quite satisfied, if the audio cable wired control function, can dismantle the battery, it is more in line with my identity.

OK, the end of the first sun, the next step

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