Young People's Monitor Speaker: Genelec 8010AP-5 Active Monitor Speaker Unpacking


Aunt Zhang's editor is very easy to use. I want to record my own playthings and for reference.

From the time he went to college, his passion for music gradually ignited hifi. Perhaps he couldn't talk about hifi. He could only say that he bought headphones and listened. Young people do not have enough funds and space like old burners to toss their own hifi listening room and set up large and small speakers to achieve the best reduction of music.

From earliest possession of earplugs (long-term non-listening):

Jayce X10

Etymotic ER4S, ER4B

Iron triangle CK100, CK100PRO, IM04

Sony EXK, xba-Z5

Final audio design heaven 6

Sennheiser IE80

Tralucent audio 1+2

Avery and AKR02 (ss upgrade)

IELCO hh1000a

AKG K3003 Australian production

Into the middle of the portable headphones:

Creative live


Ultrasone ultimate signature DJ

Bose QC3

Then to the machine headset


Goethe ps500, rs1i

Iron Triangle AD1000X, A2000X, W1000X

Sennheiser HD700

Afterwards, I had my own room and I was trying out some small speakers.

BOSE soundlink mini

HiVi D1010-IV

The above equipment can be in doubt @ I, I will do my best to answer, not evaluation for the 8010a, just out of the box to talk about the basic feelings

Today's protagonist

Genelec8010a active monitor speakers

8010a has been widely used in broadcasting, music, post-production and other professional occasions around the world. The compact and compact 8010AP-5 inherits the advantages of Zenith products in the professional audio field. With its accurate playback, excellent sound quality and flexible and portable, it is ideal for small studios, OB vehicles, and mobile audio production.

The reason for choosing the 8010a is actually very simple: 1. The 1029A used by Steve Jobs is the predecessor of the Genesis 80 series, and the fruit powder is aura; 2. The most portable one in the monitor is currently suitable for young people who frequently change their workplace.

For the detailed functions of the 8010a I will not go into details, we can refer to the introduction of Amazon and evaluation of the barbecue network

Let's take a look at the cute ones. There are a few pictures taken. Listen to a few tracks with the xdr to 3.5 supplied by the seller. The voice was clean and white, and the low frequency exceeded expectations. I did not expect that the 3-inch woofer had such a large amount of energy. The medium-frequency high frequency was also very clean, and there was no phenomenon that the low frequency overshadowed high frequencies.

Then I found a problem when I put two speakers on the newly purchased Akihabara to upgrade the xdr line.

Found that the speaker could not stand because the upgrade line was too thick. What can I do about this? Let's just let it lie flat. Forget it before using it for sound quality.

Then I use pha3 as the pre-dac,

Balanced output to 8010a, the audition track is DSD:Pure -AQUAPLUS LEGEND OF ACOUSTICS-

The natural level of sound is not comparable to headphones, and the presence is very strong, but the monitor wind is also slightly dry, because this is the style of real power is a bit like the sound of the speaker that comes with the macbook pro. Although pha3 comes with an op amp module, it has little effect on speaker style.

Between pha3 positioning, portable, long-term connection to the computer is still a little wrong, it is directly connected to my little guts on the 3.5, and then put the 2515h monitor hdmi universal audio port, use the bile to do the volume knob, so 8010a can To deal with more use of the environment, such as playing a night watch pioneer ... ... or watch a few hours movie.

Finally, the Akihabara upgrade line was changed back to the store's detailed xdr to 3.5. After all, the desktop could be neat and tidy, and for the monitor, the TV box and the PC would be switched without having to replug the audio interface. DP Both HDMI and HDMI can transmit audio from the monitor to the audio.

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Zenith 8010a:

Advantages: 1 small and very portable; 2 sound quality is very good, can not afford to buy can not be bought; 3 forcing high work.

Disadvantages: 1 interface is not suitable for desktop use only xdr, no rac; 2 compare the quality of the sound source, it is recommended to use a professional DAC or sound card 3 price is still relatively expensive, Amazon discounted 2499 one, a pair also had 5000, buy An iPhone.

At the end, I attach my own Tomomizu noodle. I put more, sour!

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