In the mainland market, LED LCD TVs have a penetration rate of 25% at the end of the year.

According to the survey conducted by the market research institute Aowei Consulting (AVC), LED backlight design, network television (iTV), 3D stereo display technology, etc., have become the three hot spots of color TV consumption in mainland China. Among them, LED-backlit LCD TVs in Taiwan after the increase in the supply of LED backlight LCD panels, the second half of this year is expected to go out of stock shortage, it is estimated that the penetration of LED-backlit LCD TVs in the mainland market will reach 25% at the end of this year. The annual retail sales ratio is estimated to be 14%. This year, the scale of mainland Internet TV will be 6.98 million, accounting for 19.5% of the total flat-panel TV.

According to statistics, in the first half of 2010, the retail sales of LED-backlit LCD TVs in China was 925,000 units, and the market penetration rate was about 10.6%. The development of LED backlight technology has entered a fast-growing track. At present, the LED backlight LCD TV products launched by the top 10 color TV brands in the mainland China market have 17 main sales series (excluding single product series) models, and cover full size.

As the cost of LED-backlit LCD TVs has gradually declined, the level of civilians has gradually increased in terms of terminal price. At present, compared with the traditional CCFL cold cathode lamp backlight type, the LED backlight LCD TV has been reduced to 1.5 times to 1.8 times.

The development of LED-backlit LCD TVs in the early continent was also limited by the upstream key materials (such as panels, LED dies, etc.) that must rely on imports, but now Taiwan panel makers have expanded the supply of LED backlight panels to the mainland, which has made the mainland LED-backlit LCD panels The source is relieved. It is estimated that the mainland LED-backlit LCD TV market will have a market penetration rate of 25% by the end of this year after the out-of-stock shortage. The cumulative retail sales volume will also reach 14%.

The key factor for IPTV in the Chinese mainland market is its self-selective function. According to the AVC Consulting (AVC) survey, in the first half of 2010, the iTV retail volume in the mainland China market reached approximately 1.81 million units, with a market share of 11% and a sales volume of 17%. But 95% of the online TV market is dominated by local brand manufacturers.

Although the mainland's macro-policy has inhibited the development of local Internet TV, mainland media analysis pointed out that with the issuance of licenses from operators and content providers, the content platform continues to improve, and the mainland China Internet TV market in the second half of this year. It is expected to regain growth momentum. Aowei Consulting (AVC) estimates that Internet TV (iTV) shipments will reach 6.98 million units this year, accounting for 19.5% of the total flat-panel TVs.

As for 3D stereoscopic display technology, Aowei Consulting (AVC) believes that 3D TV has a chance to rise in mainland China this year. The main key factor is that 3D technology conforms to the development trend of color TV display technology upgrade, and 3D movies, 3D games, related TV channels. 3D content is also becoming more and more abundant, and 3D TV helps to form high-order differentiated products to lead the development trend of color TV products. The active promotion from Taiwan panel manufacturers has also affected the strategy of mainland local color TV brand manufacturers.

According to the AVC Consulting (AVC) survey, there are currently 13 3D TV sets in the Chinese color TV market. The market (shipment volume) is about 7,500 units, of which Samsung still accounts for the majority of the 3D market. Judging from the enthusiasm of manufacturers for 3D TV, there will be more 3D products on the 11th holiday in mainland China.

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