Guangzhou City plans to invest 20 million into the city's semiconductor lighting renovation

According to the Guangdong Provincial People's Government's "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the LED Industry (Draft for Comment)", in July 2010, Guangdong plans to allocate special funds for the third consecutive year to subsidize the province's LED lighting applications. It has reached 600 million yuan.

Guangzhou, which is the first batch of “Guangdong Province Green Lighting Demonstration City”, is expected to invest 20 million yuan in special funds. It plans to complete the city's semiconductor lighting renovation within two years and fully sprint China National Semiconductor Lighting Application Demonstration City. It is estimated that 50,000 盏 semiconductor lamps will be installed in the Asian Games venues and major roads by November 2010.

Xie Xuening, director of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology and Information Technology, said that Guangzhou is currently planning a number of LED professional parks, focusing on the development of LED street lighting, tunnel lighting, subway lighting, indoor lighting, high-end landscape lighting and other technologies, and will strengthen Guangzhou enterprises and international The cooperation between the two countries, especially strengthening cooperation with Taiwan, Europe and the United States, encourages enterprises to implement internationalization strategies and integrates Guangzhou's industrial development into the global market system.

He also said that Guangzhou Finance will also invest about 200 million yuan to support local enterprises. It is hoped that within two years, Guangzhou will be able to produce a number of well-known local leading enterprises and series of LED products, achieving annual sales of more than 30 billion yuan. By 2020, the scale of Guangzhou's LED industry will reach 100 billion yuan, driving the target of related supporting and related industries to exceed 300 billion yuan.

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