Longda Electronics will bring a full range of high color rendering downlights to Hong Kong

Longda Electronics participated in the 2012 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair, which will showcase a complete range of product lines, including ultra-high color rendering (CRI 95) downlights, bulbs and projection lamps, lamps, panel lights, etc., as well as lighting modules. . A number of lighting products have been introduced into Ronda's self-made LED packaging products certified by LM-80. The new products will be exhibited in the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair from October 27 to 30.

At the exhibition, Ronda will launch a full range of downlights of 95, 4 and 6 inches, using 5330 LEDs manufactured by Ronda and certified by LM-80, and the saturated red test index (R9) exceeds 90. Applied to commercial lighting can enhance the space texture, especially in the display of fine art, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and other goods. In addition, the series of downlights have different voltage requirements and safety certifications in various countries, and single-voltage products have dimming functions. At the same time, the US version was specially introduced, and the temperature test conducted in a confined space was passed, which complies with the safety requirements of the US UL specification.

In the light bulb series, special products such as ultra-lightweight bulbs (only 63 grams) and wide-angle bulbs will be displayed, replacing the full range from 40-watt, 60-watt, 75-watt to 100-watt incandescent lamps. In addition, the "Moonlight Lamp" LED bulb will be displayed. After startup, the bulb will be soft and progressively bright, which can reduce the discomfort caused by instant light to the eyes and push the LED lighting application to higher quality. It can use the original switch to achieve dimming-like effects without changing the indoor circuit or installing a dimmer. "Moonlight Lamp" LED bulbs are not only suitable for home lighting such as baby rooms, bedrooms, walkway lights, etc., but also can be used in commercial spaces to greatly improve the quality of space lighting, such as restaurants, theaters, lecture halls and other places.

Ronda has also released new products in the lamp series, and has introduced a rotatable lamp. Users can freely adjust the angle of the lamp according to their needs, which is suitable for cabinets or display windows. Another emphasis is on the cost-effective Eco series of lamps and GX16 lamps specially developed for the Japanese market. A variety of sizes and color temperatures are available for customers to choose from.

In the lighting module section, we will showcase a full range of COB (integrated package) products, high-voltage die-blue packages with long-range phosphor solutions, and Zhaga source module products. In addition, its 3014 and 5630 package products through LM-80 life test have also been introduced into the finished lighting products. It has the advantages of high stability, high quality and high cost performance. It is the most widely used lighting package products of the company. Two popular series. Ronda's self-made high-voltage crystal blue-light package, combined with a remote phosphor solution, can increase the luminous efficiency of the finished product by 30%, and can be applied to a bulb with a full-angle effect of 330 degrees.

Longda Electronics said that this year's Hong Kong Lighting Fair, the company once again deepened the LSVP strategy, the lighting module and the finished product to make the best match, showing the company's LED vertical integration advantages.

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