Which is better for plasma and LCD TV? Compare plasma with LCD TV

Plasma and liquid crystal are the mainstream technologies of contemporary TV sets and represent two different development directions. Both flat-panel TVs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Plasma color TVs have the characteristics of imageless flicker, thin thickness, light weight, bright colors, vivid images, etc., and are relatively easy to enlarge the screen. The disadvantages are large power consumption and limited life. Easy to age.

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LCD TVs also have the characteristics of imageless flicker, thin thickness, light weight, etc., and LCD screens have been widely used in the PC field, but in the large screen, liquid crystal technology lags behind plasma, large screen color TV costs are high, and viewing is easy. Perspective impact.

Size/price ratio

LCD and plasma TVs are not cheap. Relatively speaking, plasma TVs have an advantage over LCD TVs in terms of unit price per square inch. From the perspective of home appliance stores in 2009, LCD TVs are 22-65 inches in size and cost 20,000-80,000; plasma mainstream products are large screens with dimensions of 40-58+ inches (Panasonic has 103-inch products 580,000) ), mainstream products are priced below 8,000 to 40,000.


In terms of home theater effects, plasma TVs are more effective than LCD TVs. Experts explained that because LCD TVs usually cannot display the blackness of plasma TVs. Therefore, LCD TVs are difficult to display more details, and video players will feel that the "stereo" of the images is not very good.

Life/power consumption

At this point in life, LCD TVs have a distinct advantage over plasma TVs. Although the lifespan of plasma TVs varies, it takes about 20,000 hours to reduce the brightness to half, and the liquid crystal can be reduced to half brightness after 50,000 hours. LCD power consumption is only 1/3 of that of plasma TVs, and some plasma products consume more than 400 watts per hour.

Burning screen and altitude problems

"Burning the screen" is a problem with plasma TVs. If a still image is held on the screen for a long time, the "ghost" of the image will remain on the screen. If the TV station logo or news scroll bar is displayed above and below the TV for a long time, or if you often watch a standard format TV program on a wide screen, the shadows on the sides of the image appear on the top and bottom of the screen. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to the use, such as not playing a still image on the screen for a long time, and setting the contrast to below 50%.

In addition, plasma TVs may have problems at high altitudes, because the difference in air pressure at different altitudes can cause an unpleasant hum of plasma TV. LCD TVs do not have these two problems.

High definition

Most plasma TVs and LCD TVs can display high definition signals. However, it should be noted that to enjoy a truly complete HDTV, the display resolution must be at least 1280×720. Only a small 42-inch plasma can achieve this resolution, and most 50-inch plasma TVs and almost all LCD TVs larger than 26 inches have no problem. Of course, a TV that is smaller than 42 inches is not as big a difference as the real high-definition TV, unless you sit in front of the screen and look at it. For example, although the Panasonic TH-42PA20U model's 42-inch plasma TV only provides enhanced resolution (EDTV, 852 × 480), it still works well with HDTV.

Computer and video games

Most plasma TVs and LCD TVs can be used as computer monitors, and many TVs even offer a DVI interface for better display performance. There are no problems with both TV game consoles. From the performance point of view, it is difficult to make a ruling on the two technologies, but considering that plasma TVs have the possibility of burning screens, LCD TVs are a safer choice.

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