US NNCrystal brings remotely inspired products to the 2012 Hong Kong Lighting Fair

The "Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair" was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 27 to 30, 2012. US NNCrystal   (Booth No.: 3CON-098)   Bringing its remote excitation products to the show.

According to NNCrystal, the principle of remote excitation technology is to directly use blue LED light source, with fluorescent device, the white light source can achieve different CCT (2400K-6000K), CRI can reach 80-95, and the light angle can reach 270 degrees. The products can be widely used in bulbs, downlights and street lamps.

NNCrystal points out that the advantages of using this remote solution are:

* The heat generated by the chip and the phosphor is effectively separated, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the light effect is high.
* Because when the remote excitation technique is based on silica gel, 150 can stably operate, therefore, more suitable for high power and long lamp is lit, the device will not yellow fluorescent * Convert LED point light source into surface light source, the light is very uniform, no glare, reduce the loss of astigmatism board * Different color temperatures and color rendering indexes can be achieved with the same blue LED plus different remote fluorescent devices, simplifying the supply chain in the production of LED lamps and reducing the capital turnover period * Blue LEDs do not need to be binned (450-460 nm chips), reducing costs * Silicone-based remote fluorescent device for flexible design of high-angle bulbs
NNCrystal particularly emphasizes that the light source with remote excitation technology has high uniformity, uniform color temperature distribution, uniform light intensity distribution, no glare, and can increase the overall light rate by 15%-20%, which can reduce the light source compared with the same power lamp. The number of chips and the reduction of heat sink, reducing costs.

Based on the leading nano-fluorescent material technology and experienced management team, NNCrystal has developed a series of high-efficiency, high-temperature-resistant remote fluorescent devices based on silica gel. Based on the mainland China product line and complete supply chain, it has large quantities and high Production capacity of mass fluorescent lenses and devices.

NNCrystal said it has remotely-excited fluorescent devices and luminaire design capabilities to provide a total solution for LED full-light manufacturers.

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