Smart Home Remote Control Technology Introduction

The intelligent home control system is strictly divided into two parts in terms of structure: one is the internal control system in the home, that is, the internal control system; the second is the control system in the remote environment after leaving home, that is, the remote control system. The internal control system and various related home appliances and security devices are connected through the home network, which facilitates centralized control and monitoring of homes and maintains harmony and coordination between these home facilities and the residential environment. The inadequacy of the internal control system is that its application range can only control home appliances within the home. The remote control system expands the scope of application of the smart home control system, so that home control is truly out of the house. Through various remote control technologies, people can control home appliances as they like and monitor home situations. In particular, with the increase in household appliances in modern homes and the development of communication lines, remote control of home appliances and meters using existing communication equipment and lines has become a trend in the future of home development. The emergence of remote control systems allows people to pass Mobile phone or fish: The network can remotely control various household appliances at any time and place. It is also possible to turn on the air conditioner in the home and burn the hot water in advance. Objectively speaking, it is because of the remote control system that the smart home really becomes convenient, free, and comfortable, and becomes a true “remote control”.

As a bright spot to attract the attention of consumers, the remote control system has received great attention and R&D investment from many companies. It can be said that the remote control system is an indispensable part of the modern intelligent home control system. The remote control terminal can be connected to the home control center through different network methods and implement control commands. Therefore, how to effectively provide a unified control interface for different terminals to ensure the smooth operation of the control operation is the primary problem to be solved by the remote control system. The following introduces some remote control technologies.

1. Smart home wired remote control technology

The wired remote control technology, that is, the control of the target is based on the visible various line transmissions. At present, wired network control is generally divided into two types: the first is the Internet control, and the second is the wired telephone network control.

(1) Internet Control

With the development of network technology and the popularity of personal computers, the Internet can be said to have left every household, and the average residential community or home has provided an Internet interface. The introduction of the Internet into the control system breaks the time and space limitations of the control information for transmission and exchange. The Internet transmission rate is quite high, can reach lOMbit/s or lOOMbit/s, and can transmit various home appliance control information, video, and images. And other information. The model diagram for remote control over the Internet is shown in Figure 1-3.

Smart Home Remote Control Technology Introduction

Figure 1-3 Internet remote control model

(2) Wired telephone network control

Internet-based remote control technology has high and complicated networking costs, is technically difficult, and has a high technical level for maintainers. It is suitable for new high-end residential buildings. The telephone network is a kind of communication network with mature technology and popularization. The use of the public telephone network to control household appliances can eliminate the need to re-lay lines to facilitate the transformation of old houses.

The remote control using the telephone mainly transmits the control information through the key and returns the corresponding information or the prompt of the operation through the voice prompt. The home controller forms the corresponding control information through the interpretation of the key information and transmits it to each control unit in the home so as to realize remote control. The telephone button control mode is simple to implement and the control is flexible and convenient.

2. Smart home wireless remote control technology

In general, there are several ways to wirelessly control your home:

(1) GPRS control

GPRs control technology is a wireless remote control control method through mobile GPRs wireless network. This method is based on GPRs and Java technology and is the one that controls the farthest distance. As long as there is a GPRs network coverage environment, it can provide users with wireless remote control functions based on GPRs mobile terminals.

GPRS is the abbreviation of General Packet Radio service. It is an extension of the current GSM network. With the development of the Internet and mobile access technologies, mobile networks have become a demand for access to the Internet, but GSM is a circuit-switched system-based network, which hinders the development of mobile access to the Internet and must therefore be based on packet-switched systems. GPRS network to extend it. GPRS can simply be described as optimizing access to Internet services. At present, China has basically achieved network coverage of GPRS, and provided a transmission platform for the control method using this technology. Various engineering applications based on GPRs network emerge in an endless stream, and the application range is also expanding.

Java technology is an open, standard and universal network computing platform. Due to its strong compatibility, it has become a mature technology platform widely used in the Internet technology field. Through Java technology, mobile phones can realize UI interface display and many value-added functions, and can use a large number of applications directly from the server. These applications can include entertainment (such as games, screensavers and pets, etc.), stocks, and guide maps. At present, many mobile phones support GPRs and Java technology, thus laying the technical foundation for this remote control technology.

(2) wi-Fi control

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, which is the commercial name of the IEEE 802.11 protocol product in the wireless LAN market. It works in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, supports speeds of up to 54 Mbit/s, transmits much faster than Bluetooth, and provides users with wireless broadband Internet access that can support Internet access in hundreds of feet Radio signal. Wi-Fi is mainly used in environments where Wi-Fi wireless LANs are built, such as airports, stations, coffee shops, libraries, offices, gymnasiums, etc., as long as APs (wireless access points) are set up in these densely populated places. , and access the Internet via high-speed lines to these locations. In this way, as the radio waves emitted by the AP can reach a distance of several tens of meters to 100 meters from the access point, the user only needs to take a laptop or PDA (portable computer) having IEEE 802.1lb/g WLAN technology to the area. Within, you can access the Internet at high speed. The control program is also pre-installed on the user control terminal, and then through the AP access to the local area network or the Internet, various remote control functions are realized with the network master.

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