Top 10 acoustic knowledge to know when using a microphone

When you use the microphone, have you ever thought about the acoustic principle of the microphone? Here are some 10 acoustic knowledge to know when using the microphone!

1. Reverb

The way the sound is attenuated in the room is an important factor that affects sound recording. The effect of reverberation on the sound is two-sided, and can be better or worse. Reverberation time is an important condition. Reverberation time refers to the time from when the sound source stops producing sound until the sound completely disappears. In a more technical language, the time required for the sound to decay by 60dB.

For language and vocal recordings, the reverberation time must be short ("silent" rooms). The reverberation time in the control room is relatively short. And the reverberation time between the sounds of the music usually depends on the type of music.

The impulse response of a room (the sound is taken from an exploding balloon), all independent reflections can be seen.

Convert sound to level value (so that it can be read in dB value)

Frequency analysis of reverberation time. The signal has been processed by the filter. In this example, the reverberation time of the low frequency (63 Hz) has exceeded the limit. This sample was taken from a small room for sound editing.

In general, the key issue is the change in reverberation time with frequency. If the low-frequency reverberation time exceeds the mid-frequency too much, it will cause great trouble. In recording studios and control rooms, low-frequency reverberation times below 125 Hz are generally allowed to reach 1.5 times the intermediate frequency. However, in the rock music scene, the reverberation time of low frequencies is more similar to the intermediate frequency.

The following is the reverberation time (under 500Hz) that is generally used in different applications:

How to get the right reverb time

The total volume in the room and the total sound absorption coefficient determine the reverberation time. (See the paragraph on sound absorption below). It should be known that perforated sound-absorbing materials are very efficient-but only at the high frequency end. This is why a lot of low-frequency sound absorption is needed to obtain the natural reverberation of the entire frequency band.

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