[IT168 evaluation] At the CES show at the beginning of the year, TCL demonstrated its flagship new TV X1, which has caused a sensation in the whole world and also made more people realize that domestically produced TVs can also achieve high-end products that are not inferior to Japan and Korea. In the hope of thousands of years, TCL's revolutionary new product was finally officially released in China at the end of September. At the same time, it also launched high-end sub-brand "Chuangyi" (English name "XESS"), and its quantum dot TV, tablet PC , mobile phones and several other end products. The new XESS X1 uses Quantum Dot Display technology with color gamut coverage of 110% NTSC, 288 partitions of backlight technology, Dolby Vision's Dolby Vision and UHDA HDR technology, and top-grade Harman Caton S-class surfaces. Audio and so on, single configuration, this TV is absolutely counted as the pinnacle of domestic LCD TV!

Today, the 65-inch model TCL XESS Q65X1S-CUD in the X series has come to our evaluation room. This TV perfectly inherits the advantages of the TCL high-end surface TV's quantum dot technology, 4000R gold curvature, MEMC movement enhancement and other advantages. Creatively adopted a brilliant image quality processing engine and Galaxy multi-zone backlight control technology, and in the Dolby Vision Dolby Vision, UHDA HDR technology support, the brightness and color gamut pushed to a new level. The latest quantum dot display technology has broken the color space ceiling of traditional display technologies, and the use of Yuecai Quantum dot display materials has achieved a high 110% NTSC color gamut coverage, showing colors, details, and other colors that are difficult to match with other TVs. Three-dimensional sense, to restore the real scene scene.

The OD 8mm display solution adopted by Galaxy multi-zone backlighting technology and the 1152 LED arrays in 288 divisions, compared with other OD 20mm and more than 100 partitions of other similar TVs, show that the picture quality and brightness have been greatly improved, and the peak luminance of the screen can reach 1500nit. Make the black spot of the entire TV darker and the white field even whiter. Before starting the evaluation, first take a look at the main parameters of this TV.

TCL Q65X1S-CUD TV Parameter List Release Date September 28, 2016 Size 65-inch Resolution 3840×2160 3D Type Supports Extended Functions Full Ecology HDR, Harman Kardon Audio, Smart Apps, USB Playback Operating System TV+OS 3.0 System (based on Android deep development) Reference price 29,999 yuan []

As the main flagship TV, TCL XESS X1 can be said to have done its best in all aspects. First of all, in the stylish atmosphere, the ultimate ultra-thin body with ultra-narrow metal frame, let the whole body elegant and simple, can be well integrated into the modern home environment; in terms of quality, thanks to the 65-inch 4K panel plus Du Compared with HDR technology support, color reproduction and accuracy are excellent, color gamut is more than 100% NTSC color gamut, dynamic clarity is also very good; function, self-made TV + OS 3.0 smart operating system aesthetics and ease Use has been strengthened and extremely practical. Online video programs are rich in quantity and quality. In addition, features such as top sound effects, unbuffered playback, multi-screen interaction, and USB playback are all very useful, and are better than the vast majority of smart TVs currently on the market.

The graceful curve + ultra-thin body + top craft appearance explain

The appearance of the curved screen can be said to fundamentally change people's established impression of flat-screen televisions. It brings more than just the effect of attracting eyeballs. It is different from flat-screen televisions in terms of ergonomics, color performance, and telepresence. The amazing performance. TCL XESS X1 such a curved TV, using the Nordic minimalist design concept, the entire body lines elegant slim fashion, highlighting the beauty of technology. At the same time, the details of the product are also meticulously crafted, which can greatly improve the overall taste of the home.


The curvature of TCL XESS X1 TV reaches 4000R, which is more suitable for human eyes viewing habits than flat-panel TVs. At the same time, it will create an enveloping viewing experience that is immersive and placed on the screen during the viewing process.

â–²Surface body design

For the first time, the TCL XESS X1 has realized a 1mm drilling process on the border of the curved TV. The extremely narrow TV frame is complemented by the ultra-narrow beaded metal bars on both sides, bringing a unique sense of luxury.

â–²The fuselage side design

â–² Ultra-narrow edge design

Body thickness is also a lot thinner than previous models, less than the diameter of a dime, the vast majority of the current market in the sale of curved TV body is more slim. In addition, the TCL XESS X1 is also extremely delicate in terms of workmanship. Regardless of the border, the base part is designed to fit perfectly, highlighting the ultimate beauty.

â–² body thickness is very thin

The bottom of the TCL XESS X1 uses a metal wire drawing process and a bright electroplating base. While ensuring the stability of the fuselage, it gives the product more elegance and refinement. Whether hanging or seated, it can be called a home. artwork.

â–² base design

TCL XESS X1 TV uses Harman Kardon audio, designed and built by more than 40 designers from 6 countries. The crescent-shaped sound not only achieves the highest S-class sound quality of Harman Kardon in acoustic technology, but also in shape. Taking into account the ultra-thin design of the machine, it can be said that the perfect integration of acoustics and aesthetics.

â–² Built-in Harman Kardon top audio

The back of the TCL XESS X1 TV is designed to be clean and simple, the interface part is subtly hidden under the removable white backplane, and the TV nameplate, cooling vents, and body control button arrangements are also reasonable.

â–² overall design of the back of the fuselage

OSD control button is located in the lower right corner of the back of the fuselage, using 5-dimensional button design, easy operation and compact design.

â–² control buttons on the back of the fuselage

The backplane and the fuselage are fixed by magnetic stickers and can be easily removed. The following figure is taken after the backplane is removed. USB interface, network interface, HDMI interface, antenna interface, and digital audio output interface are provided from top to bottom. AV segment and other commonly used interfaces can basically meet the needs of users.

â–² Interface section

Although TCL XESS X1 TV can be operated by mobile phone, it still has a somatosensory intelligent Bluetooth remote control. It has a one-button shortcut operation function, which is very convenient. Old people and children can easily get started.

â–² Remote control section

Summary: Exterior design is luxurious, ultra-narrow frame, curved screen, slim body, excellent workmanship.

65-inch surface quantum dot detail

The biggest difference of TCL XESS X1 is its innovative backlight structure. Its direct backlight system consists of 1152 LED lamp beads, and each of the four is divided into a group of 288 backlight modules. Each module can independently emit light and control. Brightness output, which was never before on domestic high-end TVs. When actually outputting the picture, XESS X1 can dynamically adjust the brightness and darkness of different zones according to the light and dark information of the video signal, so that the highlights and dark fields are more in line with the expression requirements of the video information. According to statistics, its LED lamp pitch has been reduced from 15-20mm, which is common in the industry, to 8mm. Therefore, the control accuracy of the backlight partition is shortened to 10cm, and the control ability of different areas of the screen is more refined.

â–² Direct type backlight system

On the other hand, because the backlight switch of an area can be controlled independently, this allows the brightness output of the backlight area of ​​the highlighted area to gain brightness and the peak brightness can reach 1500 nits, which makes the XESS X1 pass the hardware-required Dolby Vision certification. At the same time, this value is already the highest level in HDR TV. The current high-end TV that can break 1000 nits is very rare. The highest Sony calibre Z9D I tested before will only be reached, and the 1500 nits of XESS X1 is even more. It is difficult for Jingpin to catch up with the technical strength in a short period of time.

After the professional instrument BM-7 test, the specific picture quality performance parameters of the TCL XESS X1 curved TV are: Under the default LED setting conditions, the measured brightness reaches 414 nits, the black field brightness has been lower than the limit of the instrument 0.01 nits, the measured NTSC color The domain is more than 100%, which is significantly higher than the current color television range of 72% of mainstream television. In the HDR format, the difference between light and dark becomes extremely noticeable. At this time, the brightness of the brightest picture is close to the nominal 1,500 nits, and it can be said that the performance is extremely good.

â–²Color gamut

Through the following real shots, we can clearly understand that the TCL XESS X1 surface control of the screen color is in place, rich color changes give the user a very realistic visual impact. What needs additional explanation is that this TV's black performance has reached a very high level, even if the dynamic backlight is turned off, the measured brightness of the black screen is only 0.01 nits. In addition, combined with its impressive 4K display capabilities, the TCL XESS X1 surface is rich in detail and transitional nature. (The following pictures can be click to enlarge)

â–²4K TV test chart

â–²4K TV test chart

â–² Ultra-high definition photo real shot

â–² Ultra-high definition photo real shot

â–² Ultra-high definition photo real shot

In the default mode, the dynamic resolution performance is excellent, and it has exceeded 1000 lines. It is higher than most TVs on the market. Even if you watch it at close range, it is difficult for ordinary people to recognize the smear phenomenon, which has reached the highest level of current LCD TVs. .

â–² dynamic clarity test source

Summary: The wide color space coupled with excellent black-field control makes it possible to reproduce the natural colors and dynamic images.

TCL XESS X1 intelligent system and control details

TCL XESS X1 uses the new 3.0 TV+OS operating system and has achieved a full 4K from hardware to software. The simpler and smarter 4K T-UI is a major highlight of the TCL XESS X1 TV. Compared with the past, the interface is richer in content, more structured, and more detailed in presentation. Each module is expanded to 1.5 screens, showing more resources and richer content. At the same time, module resources such as zones, education, and games are added. What the user wants is available on this interface. Compared with the traditional TV+ UI, the T-UI browsing window has more than one screen and a half content display, and displays more content in a similar “T” shape, making it easier for users to locate the desired content.

â–² main UI interface

All the interfaces are all flatly designed and displayed in modules. The structure is clear and easy for users to understand and operate. The page includes the seven sections of recent viewing, homepage, video, education, karaoke, applications and games, which basically covers the daily application needs of home users of all ages. In addition, according to their preferences, they can arrange their own exclusive menus, giving users a high degree of freedom.

â–²Video interface

â–² Modular content management

â–² The main interface can be individually customized according to personal preferences

Each ICON page in each sub-page interface is replaced with a beautiful poster, and the visual is more enjoyable. The application interface is page-oriented and the structure is clearer.

â–²K song content

This time, X1 has also joined the education module, which contains various content of parent-child programs. If there are children at home, they can quickly find various video programs including early childhood education.

â–² education module display

This TV also supports the mobile phone control function. As long as the two-dimensional code of the TV is scanned, the TV can be directly operated on the mobile device, especially in the game, because of the support of the experience function, it is very easy to use.

Summary: 4K customized smart interface is beautiful and easy to operate.

Detailed TCL XESS X1 TV Video Features

At present, more than 70% of smart TV users' application time is related to online video. It should be said whether the video resource is rich or not is an important standard for measuring the quality of smart TVs. Today we tested the TCL XESS X1 TV with built-in CNTV China Internet TV licensee, which provides online video resources and has superb content in genuine high-definition movie and TV dramas, and content is free.

â–² Film section

â–² TV drama content

The 4K area of ​​the TCL XESS X1 TV allows users to look at the 4K source. The platform also includes 1080P HD, Dolby area and other massive movies and television resources. The movie, TV drama, and animation are the three major content series. Thousands of places can be said to be the most comprehensive video resource library at present.

â–²4K movie area

There is also a major feature library is "Global Broadcasting", which is the first theater in China is currently the only certified domestic film player through the authority, to provide users with the most popular movie in the cinema during the period, most of which is free, Some of the latest blockbusters require paid viewing. The actual experience price is 5 yuan.

â–²Global broadcast

It is worth mentioning that it also provides consumers with a chance to watch movies for free, using mechanisms such as signing in, answering questions, watching advertisements, etc., to earn cash to watch movies. Users can theoretically see a movie without spending a penny. Paid resources.

â–² Users can make money on their own

We can also use the voice search function to quickly watch videos that include both initial search and voice search. The actual recognition rate is very high.

â–²Movie interface

Summary: Full, ultra-clear, and fast video resources meet the needs of the vast majority of users, and innovative bonus winning mechanisms also make playability even higher.

Smart Application and Evaluation Summary

Games and applications are also essential for smart TVs. The TCL XESS X1 TV has a lot of useful and fun applications built-in, and users can go to the app store to download more programs.

â–² App Store Interface

At present, there are hundreds of apps in the app store, and most of them are for TV-customized versions. Although they cannot be compared with small-screen ones, they are still quite rich in the current TV field. In terms of games, the TCL XESS X1 TV also has several game centers built in, similar to the interface of the application store. At the beginning of the game, there were hundreds of games, many of which were highly playable.

â–² Game Center

â–² game download interface

In terms of games, there are hundreds of games at the beginning, and many of them have high playability. In addition, by purchasing game-specific handles alone, you can also play a lot of popular 3D games, the effect of the game even more shocking.

â–² game real shot

In terms of applications, TCL XESS X1 TV has a lot of practical apps, such as K songs, dancing, and security guards. In addition, education has become a major category, ranging from kindergarten to university. Consumers can find educational content suitable for children of different ages in this function.

â–² Education Resources

Shopping is also a major innovation, and this is also a major direction for the future development of television. There is also a special shopping section on the TCL XESS X1 TV. The video presentation is a bit like TV shopping, but here you can choose the product you are interested in watching directly, and the way you purchase is also more convenient.

â–²Life shopping

Test conclusion: TCL XESS X1 is the flagship model in the new series of new products. It strives to be perfect in all aspects. It adopts top luxury material curved screen, Nordic minimalist style design, metal ultra-narrow frame, ultra-thin body and metal The electroplating base makes the TV more beautiful and elegant, and the detail handling is also remarkable. In terms of picture quality, the new partitioned light control direct-lit LED backlight system performs extremely well, and the improvement in the 4K resolution plus the wide color gamut is also very obvious, plus the full ecological HDR technology, which really makes its quality. Performance has reached the pyramid level of the currently marketed products.

In terms of functionality, TCL XESS X1 brings the latest, most and most comprehensive 4K resource library with its powerful resource integration capabilities, making 4K content truly available to users. Compared with the homemade UI interface, the aesthetics and ease of use have been enhanced. With the resources of CNTV, Penguin Cinema and so on, it can be said that online video programs are rich in quantity and quality. In addition, features such as unbuffered playback, WeChat interconnection, games, voice control, and USB playback are all very useful and better than the vast majority of smart TVs on the market today.

TCL XESS X1 65-inch TV is currently quoted at 29,999 yuan in electricity, taking into account the top appearance of the workmanship, the perfect picture quality performance, the ultimate viewing effect brought about by curved 4K, is ideal for audiophile users to choose.

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