Making networked communication very simple can greatly reduce long-term costs

Siemens has been in China for more than 100 years, and has been appearing as an OEM, providing automation control and other related products and equipment for some large machinery manufacturers. But for the real deep-seated commodity field has been a matter of recent years, Siemens has a long history of investment in China, and this investment has been uninterrupted from the German headquarters. For example, Siemens' office space at its Beijing headquarters has begun to expand again. Siemens' high-quality products are also well-known in China. Many customers choose us. Although our prices are relatively high, they have always been considered to be a reasonable price.

What Siemens high-quality industrial electrical appliances and industrial automation systems can bring to Chinese food companies and food machinery manufacturers: information communication is required in all factories. This means that all parts of the factory need to connect them together through a certain network. This is not a simple ERP problem. Before ERP, there must be a network to ensure communication with ERP. In order to establish such a communication network, many factories need to spend a lot of time, effort and money to connect the equipment provided by different suppliers. This cost is quite high, and sometimes it is technically impossible. As far as Siemens is concerned, we have made preparations for future networking in all our products and fully adopted Siemens. (Fully Integrated Automation) products in the environment can make networked communication very simple and can greatly reduce long-term costs. There is a problem of one step here: first is to use products with relatively high technical level, second is to network them, and third is to use some software systems to connect them together. Siemens' MES is the software for intelligent management of production after the whole factory is connected to the network.

Deluxe Rice Cooker


Deluxe Rice Cooker was one of electric type rice cooker  , but it`s the most popular type of electric rice cooker . especially famous in Southeast Asia area with its good appearances with various functions. Not only its outer shell could be customized with different demands, but also it speeding cooking  , saving times and electricity, enhancing our lifestyle


The inner pot is made of solid and durable aluminum alloy of high intensity  , such as non-stick inner pot , stainless steel inner pot and honeycomb patterned inner pot with non-stick coating.

There are some models that use stainless steel instead of aluminium  .Various other materials, such as copper, pure carbon, ceramic, and diamond powder coating, may be used for higher heat conductivity or better taste.



Multifunction , can cooking rice, soup and much more. added cooking versatility with supplied steam tray.

Some rice cookers have settings for congee, a type of rice porridge called okayu in Japanese, Juk in Korea, and zhou in Chinese.

More elaborate recipes are possible using a rice cooker, and there are cookbooks devoted entirely to dishes prepared using a rice cooker. It is possible to cook soups, stews or sponge cakes in electric rice cookers. By simply adding ingredients and setting it to "warm", a rice cooker cooks the contents at about 65 Â°C (150 Â°F). In a few hours, the stew is fully cooked and ready to eat.

Deluxe Rice Cooker

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